Hydrovac and Underground Utilities Company – Michigan

This opportunity is a Michigan site preparation, underground utility, and excavation contractor for sale. The Company offers an array of earthmoving services to prepare any site for future construction and possesses a number of unique offerings including hydro-vac excavation and the ability to produce MDOT-certified aggregates.

The Company works as both a prime contractor and subcontractor. It maintains pre-qualification with general contractors, municipalities, and industrial customers. The customer base consists of various general and specialized contractors in addition to governmental, commercial, and industrial customers. In fifty years of business, the Company has developed and maintained relationships with local general contractors, engineering firms, industrial purchasing agents, and project managers.

The Company was founded nearly 50 years ago and remains family-owned. The current owners are seeking to carefully transition the Business and pursue retirement. There are currently two owners within the Business, both involved on a full-time basis. One owner’s role encompasses leading the management team by offering guidance and support, overseeing financial activities, and purchasing major equipment. The second owner serves in an administrative capacity.


The Company currently employs tenured candidates who are willing to transition into the owners’ roles. Additionally, both owners are willing to remain employed by the Business for a period of time post-transaction.

The Company’s facilities are owned within the Business entity. The owners are flexible regarding selling or leasing the real estate.

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 60

Year Established: 1973

Facility: The Company operates out of facilities totaling 13,249 square feet. This square footage represents the total enclosed space between four individual buildings located across the Company’s premises. One building houses the Company’s office and meeting space, while one is dedicated for shipping and receiving purposes, another is dedicated to equipment maintenance, and the final is used for equipment, tools, and inventory storage. The Company operates an on-site crushing yard where the Company can produce its own MDOT-certified crushed concrete and recycled asphalt. The Company’s premises are owned within the same entity as the Business.

Support/Training: Ownership is willing to provide reasonable and customary assistance during the transition period. Current ownership is open to remaining employed by the Company for a period of time post-sale of the Business. A replacement for one of the two owners has already been identified.

Reasons for Selling: Ownership would like to pursue retirement.

Investment Highlights

(1) Ability to Produce MDOT-Certified Aggregates: This excavation contractor for sale operates a crushing yard on its premises, where the Company can produce an array of MDOT-certified crushed concrete, aggregate, and limestone. This provides a substantial competitive advantage over others, as the Company can be self-sufficient and reduce dependency on suppliers for materials. Furthermore, producing raw materials in-house saves the Company on material costs, allowing the Company to be more competitive when bidding on potential opportunities.

(2) Long-Standing Industry Relationships: Maintaining relationships with local engineering firms, general contractors, and project managers has led to a steady flow of bidding opportunities for the Company. Known for its reputation for excellence and completing projects in a timely fashion, the Company serves as the go-to excavation and site preparation contractor for many other contractors when in need of the Company’s services. Many private opportunities are referred directly to the Company before any other competitors by these parties.

(3) Hydro-Vac Excavation Capabilities: Hydro-Vac [vacuum] excavation services provide a ‘soft-digging’ process, a gentler excavation method used to preserve the integrity of an excavation site. When working in an area with utilities, hydro-vac excavation is crucial. In addition, moving earth via hydro-vac excavation techniques requires less backfilling and physical labor. Offering these services differentiate the Company from competitors, as the Company is frequently referred to jobs when other contractors cannot offer this service.

(4) Substantial Equipment and Machinery Base: The Company has an extensive equipment base that enables the Company to complete any underground contracting job properly. The Company’s total equipment fair-market value is $10,331,800.

Growth Opportunities

(1) Increased Infrastructure Funding: The State of Michigan, alongside the Federal government, have both made recent commitments to improving infrastructure. The State of Michigan recently approved a $5B infrastructure investment plan, focused on the refinement of roads, utility lines, and more, while the Federal government passed a $2T package devoted to investing in the nation’s existing infrastructure. With such substantial funding allocated for transportation infrastructure, these plans could provide many new projects for the Company.

(2) Development of EV Charging Networks: Installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations requires extensive efforts from excavation and utility contractors. Required services include boring and drilling services to connect the charging station to the utility grid. Consumer’s Energy, which the Company has completed projects for in the past, is committed to developing a grid capable of supporting 1 million electric vehicles by 2030. This movement will expose the Company to many new opportunities in the EV atmosphere.

(3) Expansion of Wind Energy Infrastructure: The movement toward cleaner, renewable energy sources presents opportunities for the Company. Installing wind turbines requires excavation, site preparation, and underground utility services before any wind turbine is constructed. Michigan is ideal for wind energy developments, as Michigan’s more than 3000-mile coastline offers prime locations to harvest wind energy. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory determined that the State of Michigan has the potential to harvest 15,560 megawatts (MW) of electricity, and the state’s current capabilities only allow 2,681 MW.

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