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Established Truck Parts Manufacturer Seeks Company or Product-Line Acquisitions

Buyer for Truck and Trailer Parts Manufacturers

Calder Capital has been requested to assist a diversified, Michigan-based manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket truck and trailer parts and accessories that is seeking to acquire either going-concern heavy truck products manufacturers or product lines.

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Acquisition Criteria:

Target: Heavy duty truck and trailer parts and accessories manufacturers.

Geography: United States and potentially Canada.

Size/Employees:  Acquirer is seeking companies with enterprise value of $1,000,000 -$10,000,000, however would be willing to open up dialogue with smaller and larger companies. Generally companies in this value range will have sales of between $2,500,000 and $15,000,000. Acquirer would prefer to retain current in-place expertise/personnel for a transfer period and perhaps longer depending on many factors.

Time Frame:  Acquirer will give preference to companies that wish to complete a transaction during 2016.

Deliverable:  Acquirer will fund the cost of a preliminary business valuation for interested companies.


Buyer for Truck and Trailer Parts Manufacturers
The buyer has been manufacturing truck and trailer parts and accessories for over 50 years!


If you are interested, or know of a potentially interested party, please contact:

Max Friar

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