Buyer Seeks Distributor or Manufacturer in SE Michigan

Calder Capital is working with an individual buyer to identify potential companies for acquisition. Our client has a broad industry outlook and is focused on all businesses in the general distribution and niche manufacturing sectors in SE Michigan. Additionally, our buyer is open to e-commerce businesses with a physical presence.

Our buyer remains very flexible in terms of deal structure and would entertain various transition scenarios. The client would also like the opportunity to have assistance from the owner for a mutual transition period. Ideally, there is a management team willing to stay in place post-transition.

With the vision to scale and cultivate a successful future, he is committed to working in a business full time to preserve an owner’s legacy and build a supportive environment for all existing employees and customers.

Acquisition Criteria:

Target: Distribution business, e-commerce stores with a physical presence, and niche manufacturers.

Geography: 50 Mile Radius around Wayne County, Oakland County, and Ann Arbor.

EBITDA / Cash Flow: Ideally $500K to $1.5M in EBITDA (business profit + owner income + owner perks/benefits).

Valuation/Deal Structure: The client is open to all deal structures for the proper business and is willing to entertain various ownership scenarios, including potentially rollover equity.

About Our Client:

Our buyer is experienced in the space and has started his own successful e-commerce and distribution business, which he has operated over the last 10 years. He has operated as a complete one-man shop during this time and understands what it takes to source products, manage inventory, and scale a digital business through strong marketing and sales. Over the course of his growth, our client scaled his business to become one of the top-performing distribution businesses on many e-commerce platforms and is now looking to take on a new business to dedicate his time towards.

Along with his experience, our client is entrepreneurially motivated and seeks to dedicate his time to training staff, improving process efficiencies, and expanding upon the existing legacy that an owner has worked hard to build. Our client is looking to take an active role in cultivating the business and has no timetable for an exit. Our client values the long-term relationship that he can cultivate with the seller and existing management and wants to ensure the business will prosper for many years ahead.

If you are interested or know of a potentially interested party, please fill out the form below or contact:

Sam Scharich
Direct: 616-970-6124
[email protected]

Financial Performance

Please share as much detail as you are comfortable with. We will be sure to reach out shortly.



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