Award-Winning Residential and Commercial Fencing Company

Operating with four subcontractor crews in the field, this profitable and award-winning fencing Business is a sales, marketing, and project management powerhouse. The Company performs quoting and estimation, installation, and repair services of durable, cost-effective, and premium quality fencing, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, chain link, and SimTek. It is important to note that the Company’s business model is well-suited for flexibility. Its core focus is marketing, quoting success, and project management execution while leaving the installation work to a team of 1099 subcontractors. This leaves the Company unburdened by a large W2 employee base and, therefore, can flex up and down based on circumstances. As a result, the Company fared well during COVID-19 and has quickly ramped up.

For 10+ years, the Company has devoted its attention to customer satisfaction as the driving force for referrals, positive reviews, and an excellent community reputation. With prior experience in the industry, the Owner has capitalized on the gap of technology in the industry, as well as sub-par communication with customers. By communicating on a transparent level and using industry-leading quoting and project management technology, the Company has earned a reputation of being the best in the business.

The Company faces some competitors throughout the geographic area that it serves. However, the Company is clearly differentiated in its use of modern sales, marketing, project management, customer communication tools, and scalable business model.

The Owner is interested in selling the Business because his family has dreamed of starting a farm. However, the Owner is open to staying on for a defined period after the new owner(s) acquires the Business. This will give the new owner(s) ample time to learn and fully transition into the Business.

Operating presently at 100% capacity and with five installation crews in the field, this profitable, and award-winning fencing Business is a sales, marketing, and project management powerhouse.

Additional Information

2020 YE Inventory: $42,000

Real Estate: Leased

Rent: $66,688

Total Building Size: The warehouse is comprised of 12,000 square feet. The warehouse has two suites that are each approximately 6,000 square feet with 1,000 square feet of office space in each suite. Suite #1 has two grade-level roll-up loading doors. Suite #2 has one grade-level roll-up loading door. The facility is in excellent condition with a newer roof and conveniently located.

Seller Financing Available: Yes

Seller Note: Limited Seller-Financing Available for Qualified Buyers.

Number of Employees: 6 Excluding Contractors

Year Established: 2010

Facilities: The Company leases a 12,000 square foot warehouse.

Support/Training: Ownership is willing to provide reasonable and customary transition assistance.

Reasons for Selling: Pursue other personal endeavors.

Investment Highlights

(1) Reputation and Community Recognition: The Company has received community awards, including best fence contractor, an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating, and grown a reputation in the community as the best fence installation Company.

(2) Experienced Contracting Team and Ambitious Management Force: The Company employs six employees, with the remaining people in the workforce being 1099 independent contractors. The Company’s independent contractors are well-vetted, high-quality, punctual, and dedicated to their work. The independent contractors employ their own crews, and together, they have over 40+ years of cumulative experience in fence installation. The Company has an experienced project manager who is being groomed for a management-level position and is excited about his future with the Company.

(3) Diversity of Service Offering and Product Portfolio: The Company provides several services to its customers and can appeal to all markets through its diversified product portfolio. The Company offers both low-cost and premium quality fence products to its customers.

(4) Strong Online Presence and Inbound Marketing: The Company has defined itself with an expansive online presence. By utilizing Facebook, Search Engine Optimization, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Ads, customers are drawn to the Business in a variety of ways.

Growth Opportunities

(1) Add Team Members for Capacity and Operational Excellence: The Company could utilize additional operational support staff to alleviate the current employees from performing various functions in the Company to focus on their own defined roles. With more build teams, jobs could be handled concurrently, increasing revenue, response time, and efficiency.

(2) Strategic Add-On Acquisition: The Company has expressed that its competitors’ target markets are slightly different than its own, giving a unique opportunity for acquisitions. An acquisition could grow revenue, margins, geographical coverage, and product portfolio.

(3) Growing Capabilities Portfolio: Currently, the Company is strategically invested in the residential fencing market, with some commercial business. By adding additional services and products, the Company could grow organically to new markets and additional customers.

The Company has received community awards including best fence contractor, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and grown a reputation in the community as the best fence installation Company.

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