Individual Buyer Seeks B2B Business in West Michigan

Calder Capital is working with an individual buyer to identify potential companies for acquisition. Our client has a broad industry outlook, focusing on B2B businesses ideally with a physical product, due to his previous experience working on behalf of a large capital equipment manufacturer and distributor in heavy equipment marketing, sales, and management capacities.

Our client is also open to the possibility of a consumer-facing service business if the right team and processes are in place. The client is looking to take a sole ownership position of the company. With big picture thinking and a long-term vision, our client desires to take over a business with extreme care to support existing employees and customers as best as possible.

Ideally, the business is within an hour’s drive from his home in Grand Rapids.

Acquisition Criteria:

Target: B2B businesses ideally with a physical product. Potentially a consumer-facing service business if the right team and processes are in place.

Geography: Within roughly 60 miles of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Revenue: Profitable businesses with revenue in the range of $1-3M. Ideally, the business is generating over $100k between profit and the owner’s wage.

Valuation/Deal Structure: The client prefers to buy 100% of the business and be the sole owner.

Automatic Disqualifiers: Our client is not interested in restaurants, bars, liquor stores, or franchises. In addition, he does not want to pursue companies in which there is a large, unjustifiable disparity between the financial statements and the tax statements.

About Our Client:

Our client is an individual buyer with over 20 years of experience in the capital equipment manufacturing and distribution industry. He has held roles in marketing, sales, operations, pricing, product strategy, technical service, and financial services, giving him a well-rounded and versatile knowledge base.

Along with this experience, our client has a growth mindset and desires to invest in the business to grow it. To do so, he plans to focus on training and developing staff, controlling costs, and gathering input from the team, while still providing clear direction. Our client is looking to form a strong relationship with the seller to allow for a smooth transition and build upon the foundation already put in place.

If you are interested or know of a potentially interested party, please fill out the form below or contact:

Sam Scharich
Direct: 616-970-6124
[email protected]

Financial Performance

Please share as much detail as you are comfortable with. We will be sure to reach out shortly.



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