Leading Controls & Systems Integrator

Headquartered in the Midwest, the Company is a well-established leading process control systems integrator serving public and private infrastructure and manufacturing industry market segments.

Differentiated from other system integrators, the Company has an established team, broad service offering, and process infrastructure that has resulted in significant long-term contracts in addition to its strong project pipeline. The Company has a well-developed customer base including many regional and national blue-chip customers. The Company has a long history working with its largest customers and is ingrained in the operational growth and automation strategy for many of these customers.

Strong growth opportunities exist for the Company, including sales infrastructure expansion, sales strategy implementation, organic vertical integration of product sub-components, additional industry certifications and project pipeline strategic focus, and strategic add-on acquisitions. Ownership would like to sell the Business to transition into the next phases of their lives and are willing to continue in various short-to-long term transitory management capacities.

Additional Information:

Facilities: The company leases the facility from a third-party and features exquisite order, clean workspaces, and pristine equipment.

Support/Training: Ownership is willing to provide reasonable and customary transition assistance.

Reasons for Selling: Management believes the Company could strongly benefit from a new owner who is focused on strategic sales and marketing in order to scale and grow the business.

Investment Highlights

Profitability: Much of the work is highly niche in nature or requires highly skilled and experienced engineering staff, which has led to strong gross margins and profitability.

Blue Chip Customer-Base & Diversified End Markets: Due to the Company’s focus on quality, excellence, and employee autonomy, it has developed an impressive and diversified customer-base of large, Blue Chip companies across attractive and diverse end markets.

Experienced and Committed Team: A rigorous screening process has resulted in a very knowledgeable and versatile team marked by rising talent with many productive work years ahead.

Passionate Ownership: Ownership cares deeply about the success of the Business and is willing to stay on in a management or sales capacity.

Growth Opportunities

Growth Strategy and Sales Team Development: The Company would benefit from new ownership with strengths in strategic planning, strategic growth, and organizational development excellence in order to put a strong, organized sales team and sales infrastructure in place.

Sales and Marketing: The Company engages in very little sales and marketing efforts and has never invested in building out this side of the business; therefore, being more aggressive in this aspect could prove to be a great growth strategy.

Additional Space: Through additional space in order to in-house certain assembly operations instead of outsourcing, the Company could quickly capture additional gross margin enhancement.

Additional Certifications / Licenses: By completing or implementing additional certifications and licenses, the Company would be placed on a very short list of providers capable of certain work and could make headway into certain large projects in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food and beverage industries.

Robust Pipeline Activity: The Company features strong pipeline activity, including several million dollars of work that is already won and extends into the next 2-3 years of operations. This provides new ownership strong runway from a cash flow and operations standpoint to become integrated and up-to-speed in the business.

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