Niche Sheet Metal Product Line Manufacturer

Well established with over 60 years in the industry, this niche sheet metal fabricator manufactures laboratory ventilation equipment for institutional, industrial and pharmaceutical customers in both the US and Canada. The Company handles the entire sale procedure in-house, from soliciting orders, fine-tuning product requirements, to production and shipping. The Company is known for its durable and top-quality products and agility as a smaller-sized player in the industry. Due to the Company’s longevity, the Company has 1,000s of pieces of branded equipment in the field, offering a natural marketing base for future orders. 

Ownership is looking for a quick transaction with an ideal buyer being one with hands-on sheet metal fabrication experience. This ideal buyer could easily be an individual seeking to become their own boss, or a metal fabrication company that is looking to add a product line to their portfolio.

The business is very niche and time-tested. With the right effort, the new owner could reasonably expect high earnings of $200,000+ annually.

The owner is interested in remaining with the Business to assist through a transition period and potentially longer term.

Many actionable growth opportunities with the right owner!

Investment Highlights

Established Reputation for Quality ProductsThe Company excels at manufacturing niche, high-margin lab equipment.

Industry Experience & PresenceThe Company boasts complete concept-to-production capabilities and is a one-stop shop. The team is very well-versed having served the industry for over 60 years and the Company’s name is reputable.

Size-Advantage in Agility and Customer SatisfactionThe Company delivers the quality of a larger Business while exhibiting the speed, flexibility and agility of service larger firms cannot match. Customers are generally very pleased with the clear and consistent communication throughout the sale and installation process.


Growth Opportunities

Expand Shop CrewThe Company stands to benefit from adding to its crew and being able to take on more projects.

Market More AggressivelyThe Company engages in very little marketing, which the owner has admittedly neglected, but this serves as an opportunity to capture more business.

Pursue Higher-Margin Work and Bigger JobsThe Company has the infrastructure in place to, by current ownership’s estimates, handle five times as much production volume.

Build Recurring Revenue with Higher-Profile ClientsMost of the Company’s work is currently non-recurring. Pursuing clients that require consistent manufacturing work would reduce client acquisition costs and generate recurring revenue.

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