“Essential Services” Communications Equipment Sales & Service Business

This profitable Company specializes in the two-way radio and communication equipment sales, installation, and service business. The Company engineers, builds, operates and maintains two-way radio systems, including public safety, private, commercial, and public access networks. In addition to its full-service offering, the Company provides training and software/firmware updates to its customers. To differentiate from competitors, the Company offers tower installation and services, equipment installation for public safety vehicles, and outdoor warning systems. While it is difficult to predict the overall impact of COVID-19, the Company’s full-service offering allows for broad diversification of customers due to the widespread and essential use of radio and communication products by police departments, fire departments, and school systems.

The Company sells reputable radio products from well-known suppliers in the industry. By combining quality products with unsurpassed service and affordable prices, the Company has created a strong reputation within the industry and marketplace. The Company has developed a diversified customer base and pipeline with a significant presence in the Midwest, concentrated in Michigan and Indiana. The Company has grown its geographical footprint and customer base through customer and supplier referrals, as well as internally generating leads from emails and sales calls.

The current owner very much enjoys running the Company due to his technology background; however, he would like to retire and spend more time with his family and traveling the country. Ownership is willing to stay with the Company for a transition period post-transaction to assist the purchaser’s needs, as well as offer expertise on technical jobs even after the transition period if needed.

Buyers will be required to have a minimum of $65,000, solid credit, and preferably industry experience to qualify for SBA 7a financing.

Additional Information:

Facilities and Assets: The Company owns a 6,928 sq. ft. facility and maintains fixtures and equipment valued at $100,000.

Support/Training: Ownership is willing to provide reasonable and customary transition assistance.

Reason for Sale: Ownership would like to transition into retirement.

Investment Highlights

Financial Strength: The Company is currently operating at 77.6% gross profit margin and 32.8% cash flow margin, which has increased from previous years. These high margins indicate a dedication to efficient operations and processes through the Business while focusing intently on the purchasing, pricing, and operational decisions. The Company has intentionally kept a lean staff to decrease overhead while being productive at each project and task that the Company takes on.

Branded Equipment/Products: The Company sells many different two-way radio products and equipment from reputable suppliers; however, the Company delivers its products with a Company sticker/logo placed where customers can see it. The owner has implemented this as an inexpensive and effective advertising/marketing strategy for the Company.

Flexibility with Customers: The Company takes time to listen and react to customers’ needs by building an operating system that satisfies their needs. The Company is a full-service shop that offers engineering, sales, installation, and repair to all its customers to make it easier for them. The Company is quick to respond to its customers’ needs, and they are always met.

Diversified “Essential Services” Customer Base: Each year, the Company has 90-120 active customers, with limited customer concentration. In addition to low customer concentration, the Company has a diversified customer end-market concentration. Although the Company advertises to public safety and school systems, its services and products are used by businesses. The Company differentiates itself in the marketplace by offering complete services to organizations that are required to have modern and effective communication equipment: school systems, police vehicles, ambulances, and fire trucks. By diversifying its revenue, the Company has been able to maintain consistent top-line performance.

Stable Supplier Backbone: The Company has developed relationships with many stable and reputable suppliers within the two-way radio system industry. Currently, the Company utilizes two reputable companies as its two main suppliers. These two suppliers are well-respected and recognizable brands within the industry. Both suppliers are incredibly responsive and always ship on time. The Company benefits from selling well-recognized products with suppliers that are a trusted name. If the Company were to switch/lose a supplier, the current owner has relationships with many other reputable suppliers that the Company could work with instead.

Growth Opportunities

Robust Pipeline Activity: The Company has consistently added new customers year-over-year, which has resulted from its branding efforts, full-service offering, and quality/affordable products. In addition to the Company’s customer acquisitions, it has two significant projects in the future that have been secured/won by the Company.

Digital Two-Way Radio Systems: Digital two-way radio systems are beginning to take the two-way radio system by storm. Most companies within the industry still utilize analog two-way radio systems; therefore, most schools, public safety, and businesses are currently using out-of-date equipment. Digital two-way radio systems can be better than analog two-way radio systems due to their improved audio quality and expanded set of capabilities, such as GPS-enabled systems and data functionality like text messaging. The Company could have an opportunity to see an uptick in business due to this trend.

Implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool: By implementing a customer relationship management tool, the Company could organize its customer contacts more effectively and efficiently, allowing for more successful outreach and more time spent on converting prospects and building up the Company’s current pipeline.

Geographically Expand in Michigan and Indiana: One of the Company’s suppliers would like to see the Company expand into the more significant markets of Michigan and Indiana. The Company already does some work in these areas; therefore, a physical location/office would not be necessary. However, the Company would need to expand its operations more into those areas by hiring an additional salesperson or technician. By geographically expanding in Michigan and Indiana, the Company could drastically increase its top-line going forward.

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