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This well-established Company has been a leading provider of public safety and flame resistant industrial apparel for over 80 years. The Company offers a complete range of flame resistant and public safety garments of varying levels of protection to meet all individual needs. The Company boasts a complete Concept-to-Production Solution often acting as the “complete factory” or one stop shop for its customers.

The Company is led by experienced management with over 100+ years in the industry. The Company maintains great relationships with its customers, many of which have been calling on the Company to fulfill all garment needs for over 30 years.

The Company, as well as other safety apparel manufacturers, encountered tough times in 2014 when demand for products decreased due to rapidly declining oil prices which affected the oil and gas industry, a large end market for safety apparel. Although the industry was effected, management took full advantage of this opportunity and used it as a chance to consolidate the Company, remove inefficiencies and promote synergies. The effects of these events left the Company in much better financial shape, operating much more efficiently and poised for growth!

Ownership has decided it is time to transition the business to new owners with a vision to grow and sustain the business for many more years to come.

Financial Summary

2018 Revenue: $5,247,000+

2018 EBITDA: $126,000+

The Company offers an extensive product offering to cover all garment and safety apparel needs!


Well Established Customer Relationships: The Company has an extensive and diversified customer base, of which, all of the major customers have long relationships of at least 15+ years with the Company.

Complete Concept-To-Production Solution: The Company offers its customers the ability to start from scratch and create a unique solution to meet their individual needs. Being able to take a idea or concept all the way through design, prototype, validation, manufacturing and production separates the Company from its competitors.

80+ Year Legacy: The Company has a reputable name and brand associated with their products. Customers know they are receiving the highest quality apparel and customer service. In addition, the management team has over 100+ years of combined experience.

Poised for Growth: The Company has undergone a measurable transition leaving it more efficient, profitable and poised for growth!



Sales Channel Redevelopment: A new direction for the Company could include investment in e-commerce and other internet marketing. Globalized economy and increased technology presence has led industry sales trends to shift toward online retailers, something that the Company could very well capitalize on.

Product Line Expansion: The Company attempted to expand its product offering during the period of lower demand but consolidation efforts limited its effectiveness and outreach. A revitalization or relaunch of such products with a targeted sales strategy would likely be very successful and have a tremendous impact on the bottom line.

Product Diversification: The Company focuses on woven garments exclusively in its current product offerings. Management feels that additional market share can be gained if different product types were offered, such as knits, polos and fleeces.

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