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Allegan Blueberry Farm “A” Description
Asking Price: $1,155,000.00

blueberry farm for sale michigan

Farm “A” has a total of 77+ acres including 50 acres of 5 cultivars of blueberries.

The Farms for sale consist of two separate property parcels located in Allegan County, MI. Description as follows:

50 acres of 5 cultivars of blueberries. This acreage includes planted acreage only, no roadways or ditching for drainage. Plant spacing used 32”x 10’ and 24”x 10’.

Cultivars planted:

  • Duke – Early
  • Draper – Late- Mid Season
  • Legacy – Mid Late Season
  • Arlen – Mid Late Season
  • Elliott – Late Season
  • Aurora – Later Season
  • One +-1,200 sqft house with a basement, well and septic on 2.0 acres +-.
  • Two equipment storage buildings +-1,200  sqft/each.

26 acres which include roadways within the blueberry planting and forest. 9 acres of the 26 acres of forest could be cleared for planting in the future.

Cultivar Selection: Chosen for the grower requiring a 12 week season of fruits to supply markets. Cultivar selection was chosen for the grower requiring fruits conducive for mechanical and or hand harvesting for the fresh market and CA storage of post harvested fruit for off season marketing obtaining higher prices.

Method of Planting: Plants are planted on raised beds 6 inches (15 cm) high and 28 inches (70 cm) wide. Landscape Fabric 3.2 ounce (6 to 10-year life) covers the raised bed. Netafim Ram drip irrigation tubing is used for irrigation and fertigation. The spacing of emitters is 18 inches with 0.42 gpH of water emitted from each emitter. This type of irrigation has provided adequate moisture for plant growth while conserving water.

Water Source: Two deep wells are used to irrigate the acreage. Pumps are powered by 5 hp. electric motors and are considered submersible pumping system. Wells are 5-inch casing and installed in summer 2009. One fertilizer injector for fertilizing the plants through the drip irrigation. One acid injector is used to inject acid during each irrigation. One control timer to control automatic valves for irrigation.
Acreage, Plant Quantity & Plant Spacing: 

  • Duke –  Plant quantity: 13,319. Plant Spacing 32”x 10’. Total 8.17 acres.
  • Draper –  Plant Quantity: 11,280. b. Plant Spacing 32”x 10’. Total 6.9 acres
  • Elliott –  Plant Quantity: 3,367. Plant Spacing 24”x 10’. Total 1.67 acreas
  • Aurora – Plant Quantity: 19,567. Plant Spacing 24”x 10’. Total 8.99 acres.
  • Legacy – Plant Quantity: 12,710. Plant Spacing 32”x 10’. Total 7.79 acres.
  • Arlen – Plant Quantity: 1,936. Plant Spacing 32”x 10’.  Total 1.18 acres.
  • Elliott – Plant Quantity: 13.937. Plant Spacing 32”x 10’.  Total 8.55 acres
  • Aurora – Plant Quantity: 11,065. Plant Spacing 32” x 10’. Total 6.78 acres

Property including land and buildings sold as is.

Allegan Blueberry Farm “B” Description
Asking Price: $488,000.00

blueberry farms for sale in michigan

Farm “B” has a total of 60 acres including 27.4 acres of Draper.

27.4 acres of blueberries. This acreage is planted acreage only. Roadways and drainage are not counted in the acreage. +-32.6 acres of roads, drainage, and forest.  60 total acres.

Cultivars Planted

  • Draper – Mid-Late Season ripening cultivar. Plant spacing 32 inches in row x 10 feet aisles. 1,630 plants per acre.

Cultivar Selection: Draper cultivar was selected for fine fruit quality for the fresh market. 100% mechanical harvest and CA Storage capabilities for an 8-week period suitable for marketing in September as prices increase.

Method of Planting: Plants are planted on raised beds. Landscape fabric of 3.2 ounces is installed over the bed for weed control. Netafim Ram irrigation is installed under the landscape fabric providing irrigation and fertilizer.

Water Source: One – 5-inch casing well contained with a 5 hp motor to produce 90 gallons per minute. Fertilizer injector for application of fertilizer through the drip irrigation. Acid injector for application of acid during each irrigation. One control timer for off and on control for the automatic electric valves to control irrigation.

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