Market Business Valuation

Business Valuations are one of the most underutilized tools for business owners. It is a common belief that the only need for a business valuation is when you are preparing to sell. Although it may be the most popular, it is hardly the only reason. Legal matters, financial planning, business monitoring, financing, and tax issues are all reasons why a business owner may need to seek a business valuation. Depending on the purpose and size we offer multiple levels of reports.

Market Analysis 

Recommended for business owners planning or contemplating an eventual sale. This analysis utilizes the most common approaches that business buyers and lenders utilize when evaluating a business acquisition, the market and income methods. 

Why Should You Consider A Calder Capital Market Business Valuation?

Market Analysis Business Valuation is approximately 20 pages presented in a report format that can be easily read and understood by business owners, buyers, lenders and/or financial advisors.

This report is perfect for business owners that may be contemplating an eventual sale or are planning for a transition. Too often, owners are surprised by what their company is worth when they go to sell. Why not take the mystery out of it today and really know where you stand?

You can download a sample here: Calder Manufacturing – Sample Valuation (please note the sample company is hypothetical). 

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Market Analysis Business Valuation

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The Market Analysis involves:

  • Financial analysis of internal financial statements or federal income tax returns.
  • Application of market and income valuation methodologies.
  • Final detailed calculation in report format of approximately 20 pages.

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