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Established Education Software/Website Company for Sale

June 03, 2019
Forecast Dec 2019 Revenue: $735,222
Forecast Dec 2019 SDE: $336,231
Established in 2002, the company is a profitable software and web services company whose primary goal is to help schools improve and manage their websites. To accomplish this, the Company combines a process-driven approach with its proprietary, education-focused software solution and a highly skilled staff. The result is a dramatic improvement in the form and… Read More

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Very-Well Located & Established Arena & Event Center for Sale

May 29, 2019
Year End Dec 2018 Revenue: $3,401,440
Year End Dec 2018 SDE: $349,608
The very-well located and established arena and event center is a unique opportunity that does not surface often! Located near a thriving, fast-growing metropolis, the Arena and Conference Center has hosted thousands of events including concerts, trade shows, seminars, and political rallies, and has no trouble attracting a wide variety of notable performers. Past musicians… Read More

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Niche Sheet Metal Product Line Manufacturer for Sale!

May 21, 2019
TTM May 2019 Revenue: $852,857
TTM May 2019 SDE: $160,727
Well established with over 60 years in the industry, this niche sheet metal fabricator manufactures laboratory ventilation equipment for institutional, industrial and pharmaceutical customers in both the US and Canada. The Company handles the entire sale procedure in-house, from soliciting orders, fine-tuning product requirements, to production and shipping. The Company is known for its durable… Read More

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Established Laser Cutting Manufacturer!

February 25, 2019
Forecast Dec 2019 Revenue: $3,828,000
Forecast Dec 2019 EBITDA: $366,000
The Company is a market leader in the Greater Western Michigan region for 5-axis laser cutting and welding services. Laser welding and cutting significantly decreases the time and manpower required to produce many complex parts and delivers extremely high levels of precision, while remaining cost efficient. Most frequently, the Company’s customers are seeking these services… Read More

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Profitable Landscape Maintenance and Snowplowing Company Seeks Equity Partner

April 09, 2019
Dec 2018 Revenue: $1,154,417
Dec 2018 Cash Flow: $493,796
This West Michigan-based Company is an absolute cash machine, consistently generating $500K in cash flow every year! The Company provides landscape maintenance, fertilization and turf management, and snow removal services to a large customer base of commercial and residential customers. The breakdown of services is approximately 65% landscaping and 35% snowplowing. Customers all sign contracts,… Read More

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Highly Profitable Mold Manufacturer!

November 20, 2018
Year End Dec 2018 Revenue: $2,777,500
Year End Dec 2018 SDE: $874,230
If you are seeking a time-tested and strongly profitable manufacturing company in Michigan, do not miss this opportunity. We do not see companies this nice very often! From its 18,000 sq. ft facility in Southwest Michigan, the Company designs, builds, and repairs molds for the diecast industry. The manufacturing precision, long-standing customer relationships, and industry-specific… Read More

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Profitable Machine Shop with Proprietary Product Line

June 04, 2019
Year End Dec 2018 Revenue: $1,410,830
Year End Dec 2018 SDE: $360,210
The profitable and well-established machine shop offers milling, turning, fabrication, welding and roll grinding services to customers in the surrounding region and beyond. Additionally, the Company sells its own patented roll hardness testing meters primarily to large paper manufacturers. The product is widely regarded as the top-of-the-line industry solution, and certain customers use it exclusively… Read More

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Profitable Machinery Moving Business for Sale

November 01, 2018
Year End Dec 2017 Revenue: $3,500,000
Year End Dec 2017 Adjusted EBITDA: $820,000
Located in the Midwest and serving a large region that extends into Illinois, Ohio and Michigan, the Company has earned a reputation for its quality and professionalism. The business is a highly profitable operation with decades of experience specializing in complete, turn-key plant relocation, hassle-free machinery moving, rigging, machine assembly, disassembly, and electrical equipment hookup.… Read More

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Established Supplier of Proprietary Petroleum Products & Testing Laboratory for Sale!

May 05, 2019
Year End Jul 2018 Revenue: $625,425
Year End Jul 2018 SDE: $61,128
This is a unique Company located in Southeastern Michigan that develops, markets, distributes and tests advanced, petroleum and synthetic-based energy conserving materials. Established over three decades ago, this Company began as a supplier to the automotive industry. After purchasing a sophisticated machine for testing materials for internal R&D purposes, the Company also began doing third-party… Read More

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Profitable Material Handling Equipment Integrator for Sale!

May 21, 2019
TTM Apr 2019 Revenue: $3,372,620
TTM Apr 2019 SDE: $571,818
The established material equipment handling is one of West Michigan’s premier integrators of engineered conveyor and material handling systems. With in-house capabilities to design, fabricate, and install complete solutions, the Company  ensures maximum levels of quality while minimizing project delays. The majority of the Company’s business comes from repeat business. The material handling equipment industry… Read More

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Profitable Industrial Equipment Distribution & Service Company!

February 01, 2019
Year End Dec 2018 Revenue: $11,076,000
Year End Dec 2018 Adjusted EBITDA: $1,573,000
This 60+ year established West Michigan-based Company sells, installs, maintains and calibrates equipment for niche industrial systems. The Company’s direct sales and service personnel serve virtually every industry from food and pharmaceutical to discrete manufacturing, agriculture, and distribution. Major customers include Amazon, Dematic, and Honeywell International. The Company is closely allied with the primary manufacturer… Read More

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Specialized Garment Manufacturer

July 19, 2018
Year End Dec 2018 Revenue: $5,247,255
Year End Dec 2018 EBITDA: $126,031
This well-established Company has been a leading provider of public safety and flame resistant industrial apparel for over 80 years. The Company offers a complete range of flame resistant and public safety garments of varying levels of protection to meet all individual needs. The Company boasts a complete Concept-to-Production Solution often acting as the "complete… Read More

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Established West Michigan Machine Shop for Sale!

June 29, 2018
Year End Dec 2017 Revenue: $1,000,000
Year End Dec 2017 SDE: $280,000
Located in West Michigan, this 29-year-old machine shop specializes in custom fixture solutions and special materials machining, as well as having large-sized machining capabilities that few competitors can match. A broadly capable operation with 10 diversely skilled employees, the Company also offers a full range of services from machining to welding and final assembly. The… Read More

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Profitable Marketing Agency Seeks Equity/Growth Partner

September 19, 2018
Year End Dec 2018 Revenue: $2,204,607
Year End Dec 2018 SDE: $761,116
Highly profitable and on an upward trajectory, the Company is a Michigan-based lead-edge marketing agency for sale that has proven itself to be nimble and ambitious enough to thrive in a rapidly changing industry. From two offices, the Company serves over 350 (and counting) active clients who hail from Michigan and beyond. Its curated team… Read More

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