Growing Manufacturer of Patented Energy & Security Building Products for Sale

With roots dating back to 1979, this Midwestern Company – a leading innovator in window systems – designs, manufactures, and (occasionally) installs proprietary energy efficient systems that protect against blasts, hurricanes, data hackers, and sound pollution, all while preserving the historical appearance of any building. The Company’s remarkable growth and profitability are attributable to the compelling value proposition and unique product it is able to offer its customers.

The Company is a GSA-certified federal government contractor with notable projects across the United States and primarily focused on the East Coast. The Company would make a particularly attractive addition to a Native Enterprise certified under SBA Section 8(a) and seeking to utilize the Company’s unique and profitable service/product offering in federal contracting projects nationwide. 

The Board of Directors has decided to pursue a sale of the business due to the advancing age of many of the shareholders combined with strong forecasted growth in sales and profits. 

The Company is overseen by a seasoned President who is also a shareholder. He is aware and supportive of the sale, and willing to remain with the Company post-transaction. The Company employs less than 30 additional seasoned employees, of which 10 are part-time. General laborers can be easily trained to assemble the Company’s products, allowing the Company to scale up and down rapidly. 

The Company’s 50,000 sqft office and manufacturing site are owned by a related entity and are available for sale or lease.

The Company has successfully completed a number of high profile governmental projects such as the Federal Reserve Bank.

Financial Summary

2016 Sales: $5,328,945

2016 EBITDA: $ 1,551,294

Forecasted 2017 Sales: $7,800,000+*

Forecasted 2017 EBITDA: $2,900,000+

Asking Price: $10,000,000

*Forecasted 2017 Sales Based on $7MM in Already Contracted Sales 

1000s of high energy cost buildings built between 1950-1970 exist on the east coast that could experience lucrative curtainwall retrofit cost savings. The potential for growth in this market is immense.

Investment Highlights

Competitive Advantage – A patented product, multiple trademarks, strong relationships with contacts in the public and private sector, valuable industry intelligence, a tested management team, and tribal knowledge gained from decades of retrofitting thousands of windows across the United States all contribute to the competitive advantage that this Company enjoys.

Explosive Growth – The management team at the Company is projecting to close out nearly $8.0M for 2017. These numbers are based on projects that are in-process as well as projects that are under contract.

Presently, the Company only completes a small fraction of the possible high margin installation of the window systems it manufactures. This is a great opportunity, particularly for an 8(a) contractor!

Growth Opportunities

Department of Defense (DoD) – Developing a relationship with the Department of Defense would present an incredible opportunity for the Company – especially as the threat of terrorist attacks (both real and perceived) remain elevated. While the Company has done DoD work, they do not have a direct relationship. 

Curtainwall Retrofits – The Company is presently conducting a curtainwall retrofit in NYC where payback is expected to be less than 5 years. 1000s of high energy cost buildings built between 1950-1970 exist on the east coast that could experience the same lucrative curtainwall retrofit cost savings. The potential for growth in this market is immense.

Given the Company’s average 20% energy savings, there is significant opportunity to position the Company as an “energy performance contractor” as a standalone strategy.

Dedicated Sales Team & Defined Market Strategy – 20% of the energy generated in the United States is consumed by commercial buildings. Meanwhile, greenhouse emissions and acts of terrorism are of concern to a growing percentage of the population. The Company’s market opportunity is immense, but capturing a larger proportion of it will require a dedicated sales team and a defined marketing strategy. The relatively small size of the Company and the limited time and energy its President can devote to promoting the brand and developing new business are constraints. A buyer with existing broad relationships with commercial building owners and/or military and DoD contacts could easily and rapidly grow the Company. 

Product Development – The Company is investing and experimenting with a number of innovative window systems, for example for solar application and blockage of digital interference.


The Company is a GSA Certified Energy Conservation Measure.

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