August’s Off-Market Sellers


The kids are back in school, the sun is still shining, and there’s a hint of fall in the air. But have your acquisition plans been accomplished?

Are you feeling the need to accelerate your acquisition timeline?

Come join the 15+ buyers that trust Calder’s buy-side team to deliver.

As a team this year, Calder has already closed 32 deals and we currently have 27 under LOI. We’re feeling bullish about breaking our record of closing 42 deals last year! (currently locating some wood to knock on…)

If you’re a serious buyer, the time to act is now.

Don’t miss the bus!

Select Seller Leads Developed in August

$60M Revenue Fuel Distribution Company

On the hunt for a fuel distribution company, Calder Analyst, Robert Janei’s hard work paid off when he was at long last able to connect with the owner of this company. Their discussion opened the opportunity for the owner to learn how Calder could help connect him with a buyer who shared the same vision as he for his company. The owner later quoted, “It was Robert’s persistence that ultimately made me want to pick up the phone and it turned out to be a great introduction for all of us.”

$22M EBITDA Niche Manufacturing Company

Tasked with finding a niche manufacturing business, Calder Analyst, Andrew Finkel tenaciously put his ear to the phone, cold-calling over 70 companies in one sitting before coming across this large prospect. After Andrew explained the sentiments of our well-capitalized buyer and the confidential process Calder follows, the owner was open to a conversation with our client. The conversation with our buyer not only led to an offer but also to other acquisition opportunities our client could include with this opportunity.

$70M Revenue Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Company

Calder Analyst, Arsalan Khan has been working diligently with a client for over 6 months. Fighting through tense negotiations and a failed LOI due to an unexpected due diligence finding, Arsalan and our buyer remained opportunistic. Last month, Arsalan had successfully connected our client with another ideal business. Knowing this would be a great fit, Arsalan emailed this prospect several times and cold-called until the owner took his call. The owner, hesitant at first, listened as Arsalan explained the benefits of an introductory call and the synergies with our client. Confident by the end of the call, the owner was on board to speak with our buyer. Fast forward 8 days…Calder is now in the process of completing a valuation and drafting an offer for this company.

Why work with Calder?

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