Buyer Seeks High-Volume Spring, Metal or Plastic Parts Business

Calder Capital has been retained to assist our client, a 130+-year-old strategic buyer, in the acquisition of a company specializing in high-volume production of spring, metal, or plastic parts, with a special interest in medical devices such as insulin pens, inhalers, syringes, or other medical products that require springs or stamping parts.

Particularly of interest are businesses specializing in spring manufacturing or those with design engineering and/or R&D capabilities. Our client possesses deep expertise in spring and metal stamping technologies, and while medical products are a priority, manufacturers of similar parts sold to other end markets would be considered.

Our client is seeking a business ideally in the range of $5M to $30M in revenue and located in the United States.

Acquisition Criteria:

Target: High-volume producers of spring, metal, or plastic parts preferably for medical products, although, other end markets would be considered. Of special interest are spring and metal part manufacturers with design engineering, prototyping, and/or R&D capabilities. Our client has deep expertise in their part design and R&D.

Geography: United States.

Revenue: $5M-$30M.

Valuation/Deal Structure: Our client is seeking a complete buyout, with a strong preference to retain key talent and personnel in the business post-acquisition. Especially management with knowledge and history in the medical device sector.

About Our Client:

Our client is a 130+-year-old family-owned business specializing in the production of springs, metal-formed parts, assemblies and joints, and metallic wire. Altogether, our client employs more than 6,000 employees at 32+ locations worldwide.

Our client values developing relationships with customers and businesses in the industry, and places significant value on teams with an experienced engineering and R&D department. The company is known for having a strong drive for innovation, precision, and design engineering in the method that they manufacture.

Our client is able to act expediently and diligently on a transaction and is searching for an acquisition to build upon the company’s existing strengths for the long term. Ultimately our client is seeking to take manufacturing expertise and a passion for innovation and R&D, and further expand their penetration in several key markets across the U.S.

If you are interested or know of a potentially interested party, please fill out the form below or contact:

Sam Scharich
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