Consumer Products Distribution Company – Illinois

The Company is an exclusive consumer products distribution company that maintains licensing agreements with leading brands including Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Sriracha. The Company packages these brands’ products and distributes them to big-box retailers including Walmart, Big Lots, and Costco. The Company is highly regarded by these retailers as its products continually demonstrate strong performance.

The Company employs an experienced leadership team including a COO with over ten years of tenure. The team runs daily operations while allowing the owner to focus primarily on sales activities and big picture Company strategy. The Company employs 22 full-time individuals but during the peak production season, it ramps up operations to include up to 300 temporary workers.


The Company’s operations are seasonal, with a large portion of sales coming between September and November when retailers make purchases for the upcoming holiday season. The Company can decrease seasonality through the development of products targeted at non-primary holidays and seasons.

Due to the nature of holiday sales, the Company receives sales commitments from retailers in the early months of the year. As of May 2022, the Company had received $26.7M in commitments for 2022. Actual sales routinely fall 10%-20% higher than commitments received.

The Company operates out of a 92,126-square-foot facility that holds its office space and production operations. During peak production season, the Company utilizes a 32,919 square foot warehouse to hold finished inventory. Both facilities are owned by the Company’s owner through a related real estate holding entity.

The owner wishes to sell the Business as they feel it is on pace to grow to a level too large to run on their own.  Ownership is open to a variety of transition and structure considerations including rollover equity scenarios and/or maintaining their current role for multiple years moving forward.

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 22 Full-Time + up to 300 temporary workers during peak production season

Year Established: 2004

Facility: Two facilities. One 92,126 square foot facility houses office space and production operations, and another 32,919 square foot warehouse holds the Company’s inventory during peak production season.

Support/Training: Ownership is willing to provide reasonable and customary assistance during the transition period.

Reasons for Selling: The owner feels the Company is on pace to grow to a level too large to run without additional resources.

Investment Highlights

(1) Prominent Brand Licensing Agreements

(2) Established Supplier and Retailer Relationships

(3) Tenured Leadership Team

(4) Product Creativity and Flexibility

Growth Opportunities

(1) E-Commerce Channel Development

(2) Off-Peak Business Growth

(3) Pursue Additional Brand Partnerships

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