Diversified CNC Machining, Milling, and Grinding Shop

This profitable and established Metro Detroit Company is truly a “cash machine shop.” As a skilled machining company, this manufacturing business for sale has managed numerous projects in every area of machining, turning, and grinding of single and multiple parts. Quality and customer satisfaction are enforced from the top-down throughout many industries, including automotive, tooling & automation, industrial, aerospace, defense, medical, and many more. The Company offers plenty of resources (including its longstanding relationships amongst customers, suppliers, and vendors) to provide outstanding customer service, project execution, and 100% on-time fulfillment delivery to its customers. This unique commitment to quick job turnaround and unmatched quality differentiates the Company in a competitive marketplace.

The Company is a true one-stop machine shop due not only to its in-house capabilities but also its wide-ranging and lucrative outsourcing relationships with other local shops. Whether a job is large, small, intricate, or simple, the Company will quickly adapt, tap its outsourcing partners if necessary, and provide outstanding service to its customers.

All customers give the Company positive feedback surrounding the following aspects: speed, communication, and integrity. The Company can work on any size project because of its extensive equipment base and partnerships. Its highly-skilled machinists have the capabilities of running multiple machines at once, ensuring the fastest complete-time possible while also providing the highest quality and zero defects.

The Owner founded the Company in 1985 and built a strong foundation that operates today. He has spent many years in the Business and is ready to decrease his workload and carefully transition out of the Business. The Owner is willing to assist as a consultant or as a new employee on a contract for up to three years for a new Owner. He is willing to aid in a transition period to make sure the transition is successful.

Buyers will be required to have a minimum of $500,000, solid credit, and preferably industry experience to qualify for SBA 7a financing.

Additional Information:

Facilities and Assets: The Owner and his wife own the Company’s facility through a related real estate holding entity. The real estate is available for sale or lease as part of the transaction. The Company currently pays $84,000 per year or $7,000 per month to rent the facility. Assets on the balance sheet are valued at $600,000 and the real estate is valued at $650,000.

Support/Training: Ownership is willing to assist as a consultant or as a new employee on a contract for up to three years for a new owner. He is happy to aid in a transition period to make sure the transition is successful.

Reason for Sale: The current Owner has spent many years working within the Business. He is looking to reduce his time commitment at work and enter retirement.

Investment Highlights

One-Stop Machine Shop: The Company offers a diverse product portfolio to service a long list of customer needs. The Business has a variety of up-to-date equipment, as well as experienced machinists who can work on any project they encounter

Skilled Management Team That Will Allow for a Smooth Transition: The Company has an experienced manager who feels comfortable playing a larger role within the Business. This strong management has allowed the current Owner to take a step back from the Business and manage customer, supplier, and vendor relationships.

Strong Employee Morale and Stability: The Company has done a phenomenal job retaining key employees in a tough labor market. The majority of the current staff has been with the Company for a decade or longer. Staff members are treated exceptionally well and receive some of the best benefits in the industry

Long Standing Reputation Amongst Customers, Suppliers, and Vendors: Since the Business was founded in 1985, it has been the Owner’s mission to provide the best quality at the most efficient delivery time. The Company follows through on each task it agrees to with each customer. Nearly all the Company’s customers are loyal and return because of the Company’s customer-first approach.

Growth Opportunities

Tap into the Growing Electric Vehicle Industry: The Company has been in talks to provide potential machine shop jobs for a variety of electric vehicle customers. Discussions remain strong, and the Company is optimistic surrounding a potential customer addition. The Business is positioned well from a geographical perspective to serve these potential customers

Development of a Sales Arm: Although the Company has developed a solid reputation and revenue stream through referral business, the Company could benefit from hiring a salesperson or developing a relationship with a sales representative. Current ownership believes the primary focus should be the addition of sales personnel as it is a small focus currently and can exponentially boost sales with the right staff

Add a Full-Time Inspector: The Company used to work with a part-time inspector that would inspect assemblies, subassemblies, and components to validate compliance with specifications, drawings, blueprints, production details, and governing inspection procedures. While the Company has always produced quality products, it would be an excellent growth opportunity to add on a full-time inspector that could focus on improved quality throughout the machining process, not just identifying errors after machining. The benefits would include, capturing errors early, immediate feedback, reduced inspection backlog, reduced scrap, increased productivity & machining accuracy, and reduced total inspection time.

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