Established Education Software/Website Company

Established in 2002, the company is a profitable software and web services company whose primary goal is to help schools improve and manage their websites. To accomplish this, the Company combines a process-driven approach with its proprietary, education-focused software solution and a highly skilled staff. The result is a dramatic improvement in the form and function of school websites and a reliable stream of recurring revenue for the Company. Contractually recurring revenue amounts to approximately $610,000 annually.

The Company employs 6 full-time highly qualified programmers, project managers and support staff. Currently, the Company services over 200 clients, primarily school districts.

The Company’s software product is continually improved, and its business model is extremely scalable. This is an exciting opportunity for an individual or group that is looking for a profitable business with tremendous growth opportunity.

The Business leases a 1,400 sq. ft. office within a thriving metropolitan city, although the Business could be relocated. Owners are motivated to exit by retirement as both are willing to provide reasonable and customary transition assistance, while one co-owner would like to stay on for 5 – 10 years post-transaction.

Investment Highlights

Proprietary CMS SoftwareThe Company has been improving and optimizing its software product for over ten years.

Recurring RevenueThe Company has over 200 clients that rely on the Company for web hosting and support. This is a per pupil or per building fee and is adjusted based on the number of features and complexity of the school website. Annual recurring revenue is ~$610,000.

Structural Demand for ServicesEach K-12 school is required by Federal regulations to have a website and make certain types of information accessible to the public. Additionally, each school must comply with The ADA.

Highly Autonomous OperationThe Company is not a passively owned Company, but many of its primary functions can operate with minimal oversight. This is possible due to the competent and loyal employees that have clearly defined roles and can be counted on to carry out their responsibilities.

Scalable BusinessThe most labor-intensive work that the Company does is the onboarding of new clients. This requires design work, HTML integration, and software training. Within two to three months the new client is usually up to speed and the Company experiences a sharp drop off in the amount of customer support the client requires.

Growth Opportunities

Changing Education EnvironmentAlthough the Company can and does sell its software and services throughout the United States, the changing education environment in Michigan presents a unique opportunity. Due to demographics, the number of students is declining but the number of school systems have remained largely constant. This means that school systems are in competition with one another and marketing becomes more critical for their long-term success.

Improve Account Management The Company could be much more proactive about reaching out to current clients and offering them upgrades and product add-ons. Instead of charging onetime setup fees, they could increase their per-building or per-pupil charge.

Develop or Provide Additional Solutions There are many opportunities to develop or source ancillary products and integrate them into the Company’s software.

Improve External Sales and Marketing Efforts The Company lacks a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy. The Company primarily relies on word-of-mouth referrals and inquiries from their website for new sales.

Changing Regulatory Environment The American with Disabilities Act has been interpreted to include the school websites, requiring the website to be accessible (conform with certain requirements).

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