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***COVID-19 Impact Statement: The Company is presently operational and has NOT experienced a volume decrease. Ownership has laid off one employee and has applied for and been approved for the PPP Loan/Grant. Some university projects are being delayed until they see how the current environmental conditions will affect enrollment for the upcoming school year. Ownership feels well-positioned in a post-COVID environment and believes that some small projects will be delayed/postponed, but major customers will continue.***

This profitable and established Business is an independently owned and operated manufacturer of custom-made millwork, architectural millwork, and furniture for universities, schools, churches, and businesses. The Company has carved out a niche within the millwork industry by focusing heavily on intricate and complex projects that require specialized manufacturing capabilities and skillsets. Although the Company can service many end markets, 75% of the Company’s business over the last couple of years has been for major universities and institutions including the University of Notre Dame. The Company maintains a consistent pipeline of educational and institutional work by providing quality custom architectural millwork and services to the local universities and institutions.

Most of the Company’s business is commercial custom architectural millwork that is solicited from and managed by commercial contractors. The Company has excellent relationships with reputable commercial contractors. Because of the Company’s diverse manufacturing capabilities, niche market, and minimal competition, most commercial contractors contact the Company directly to work on their sophisticated architectural and custom millwork projects.

The Company is a family business that has grown to be a leader in the architectural millwork industry. The Company is run by a father-son partnership with a passion for the millwork industry to provide its customers with uniquely made and custom millwork products. The Company is known for its creativity, reliability, and producing flawless end products. It is this standout reputation that has allowed the owners to earn a comfortable living while doing the work they love.

The father-son ownership team owns 60% and 40%, respectively. Both owners work 45-50 hours per week and are involved in the oversight and operations of the Business on a day-to-day basis. One owner is an estimator for the Company. He oversees all the Company’s projects and stays in touch with commercial contractors, as well as all end-users that the Company deals with directly. The second owner maintains the Company’s bookkeeping, payroll, regulation, some purchasing responsibilities, and oversees the Company’s CNC machine.

After operating the Company for roughly 15 years, one owner (father) would like to retire, enjoy more time with family, and focus on his other millwork business in Colorado. This owner is open to staying on part-time as an estimator for a reasonable transition period, and the second owner (son) is open to staying on full-time or part-time with the Company. Both owners are confident their seasoned team can run the warehouse and execute jobs going forward.

Buyers will be required to have a minimum of $500,000, solid credit, and industry or related experience to qualify for SBA 7a financing.

Additional Information:

Facilities and Assets: The Company owns a 12,800 sq. ft. facility with assets listed at roughly $340,000.

Support/Training: Ownership is willing to provide reasonable and customary transition assistance.

Reason for Sale: Ownership would like to transition into retirement.

Investment Highlights

Financial Strength: The Company has performed profitably, providing consistent and robust cash flow for reinvestment and the general satisfaction of the owners.

Longstanding Relationships with Reputable Contractors: Due to the Company’s focus on commercial architectural millwork projects in the education and institution space, the Company has built longstanding relationships with many commercial contractors, as well as subcontractors throughout Northern Indiana.

Limited Competition: The Company is nicely situated in the market without any significant competitors.

Lucrative Educational/Institutional Pipeline and Referral Stream: The education and institution industry comprising of universities, high schools, middle/elementary schools, and other institutional buildings has been a lucrative source of consistent revenue for the Company.

Niche Market with Specialized “Green” License: The Company is the first millwork shop in Northern Indiana to become certified with the Forest Stewardship Council to use lumber from well-managed forests.

Growth Opportunities

Robust Pipeline and Backlog Activity: The Company currently features healthy pipeline/backlog activity and actionable sales growth avenues for the foreseeable future.

Implement Advertising and Marketing Strategy: The Company does not engage in any sales or marketing efforts. An option for the Company would be to hire on a permanent salesperson or negotiate a contract with a sales representative, which in turn could help increase profits. Another option could be to upgrade the Company’s website and outsource advertising to an advertising agency or technology firm. The Company could grow its top-line significantly by investing some dollars into advertising and marketing.

Capture Northern Indiana Revitalization and Economic Development: The Company is located in Northern Indiana. Northern Indiana is in a period of revitalization and economic development where many new developments and projects (commercial buildings, apartments, and homes) are being planned or put into action over the next 10-20 years.

Hire an Additional Estimator and Craftsman to Bid on More Jobs: The Company has grown through increased educational and institutional custom architectural millwork, as well as its solid relationships with commercial contractors and subcontractors. However, to escalate the overall commercial custom architectural millwork that the Company takes on and executes, the Company could hire an additional estimator allowing the Company to bid on and win more jobs. Additionally, to sustain continued growth and support an additional estimator, the Company could hire a young craftsman to train underneath the Company’s veteran staff and craftsman.

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