Rapidly-Growing Niche Digital Media Company For Sale

The Company is a profitable and rapidly growing Michigan-based niche digital media agency. Since the Company’s inception, demand has been strong and continues to build, with sales set to double in 2018 vs 2017 and continue upwards in trajectory, driven by increased demand from existing clients and new prospects. Despite recently raising the internal billing rate by nearly 25%, capacity remains the Company’s biggest challenge. TTM sales are $1.31MM and the owner projects 2019 sales at $1.895MM!

While the creative team maintains an expansive set of technical and artistic capabilities, most of the Company revenue is derived from creating digital assets for clients in the furniture, medical device, and consumable products industries.

The owner has been working in the industry for nearly two decades and is mentally prepared to pursue other interests. However, with the burden of navigating the challenges of growth removed, ownership is open to a gradual transition out of the Company and would even consider a multi-year employment agreement, if a new owner would find that desirable. Ownership estimates that an individual without a background in the niche animation services the Company provides would need approximately 6-months to become comfortable with the industry vernacular, standards, and procedures.

The office is leased from an unrelated third party.

The Company offers an opportunity for explosive, high-margin growth!

Investment Highlights

Artistic Team – The Company’s most important competitive advantage is its artistic team. With capabilities ranging from photography to lighting to 3D animation, there’s very little that this group of talented individuals cannot do.

Premier Clientele – The Company’s top customers are very large, successful and well-known brands that the Company is well integrated into.

Strong Growth – In 2016, the Company generated $818,000 in revenue. That number has jumped to $1.3MM in the twelve months ending August 2018 and is forecasted at $1.895MM in 2019. That would represent a 23% sales growth rate over 4 years!


Growth Opportunities

Better Market to Existing Clients – The lowest cost and most efficient means of driving higher sales would be to reach out to existing and past clients. Due to the high volume of work that the Company has been receiving throughout the year, it has refrained from sending out email blasts showcasing the Company’s recent work to over 300 select individuals and organizations. Resuming this effort would be as simple as flipping a switch.

Target Advertising Agencies – Making a concerted effort to target advertising agencies may be an excellent avenue for additional growth. Advertising agencies frequently work with companies that are looking to market products and understand the benefits of utilizing the niche digital assets that the Company produces. Usually, these firms are too small and non- specialized to afford an in-house department, so this work must be outsourced to firms that specialize.

Software Development Partnership – The Company has been working closely with a software development company in the development of cutting-edge consumer products applications that integrate with the Company’s service offering. This partnership is on the brink of bringing $250-500K in revenue for the Company in the coming year (that would continue into the foreseeable future).


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