Strategic Buyer Seeks Fencing Installation Company

Calder Capital is searching to identify fencing businesses for acquisition on behalf of a strategic buyer. Our client currently operates a fencing company and is looking to expand by acquiring another residential or commercial fencing installation company in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio.

We are searching for companies generating at least $2M in revenue. Our buyer is flexible on deal structure but would prefer to partner with business owners who are one to five years away from retirement and/or would like capital to grow their company.

Acquisition Criteria:

Target: Commercial or residential fencing installation companies and fence contractors.

Geography: Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio.

Revenue: $2M+

Valuation/Deal Structure: Our client is flexible on deal structure and open to a full buyout or rollover equity situations. 



About Our Client:

Our client is a fencing installation company backed by an investment firm in Michigan. The client has worked with closely-held businesses for over 15 years and has been involved in more than 50 acquisitions. They are looking to purchase a fencing installation company to provide operational synergies, growth, and management expertise while also continuing the legacy of a company they purchase or partner with.

If you are interested or know of a potentially interested party, please fill out the form below or contact:

Hannah Nabhan
Direct: 219-841-2064
[email protected]

Financial Performance

Please share as much detail as you are comfortable with. We will be sure to reach out shortly.



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