Calder Capital Buy-Side Client Update: July 2021

Calder Capital is thrilled to be able to give you an update on how we’re fulfilling our current buy-side clients’ mandates. July was a busy month!



How do we do this? It’s not rocket science. We combine a personal touch, automaton, and data analytics with the tedious work that no one wants to do – lots of research, cold calls, and email outreach.

If you’re looking for deal flow that matches your criteria click here and we will send you sellers that we are representing for sale. Keep in mind that our engaged sellers often receive multiple competitive offers.

Looking for private seller leads with no competition? Calder is proud to also offer Buy-Side services that generate proprietary off-market deal flow to our clients, as an alternative option.


Select Seller Leads Developed in July


High Quality / High Quantity

Prospecting prowess is dependent upon an ability to have a high quantity of high-quality touchpoints. Popular sales books often cite that sales is a numbers game, while others tend to focus on the quality of each interaction.

In our opinion, neither is wrong! Both quality and quantity are needed for success. Quantity is easily measured by the number of prospects emailed, called, presented to, etc. But how does one measure the quality of an interaction?

The quality of an interaction, in our opinion, is the ability to best tailor and customize a message to the specific intended recipient. Tailoring the message in a way that is the most applicable, relevant, and alluring to that prospect will give one the best chance for engagement.

Yet a paradox remains that time is a scarce resource and quality and quantity both take up a ton of time. How does one optimally choose where to spend time?

In order to uphold a high quantity and quality prospecting service, Calder’s Buy-Side combines an extremely thorough and efficient research process (our quality) with a CRM outreach process (our quantity). A pre-programmed CRM tool allows our detailed research and prospect data to be integrated into our customized prospecting messages and sent out in an efficient manner.

To put it in combat terms, the CRM is the machine gun sending out tailored messages, while Calder is the Navy SEAL loading the customized magazines.

Prospecting with a CRM takes salespeople to the next level and allows high-quantity, high-quality touchpoints.

Below is just one mapping example of customized and tailored campaigns in our CRM.



Interested in Working With Us?

Calder works with clients on a guaranteed basis, so if we don’t deliver our clients don’t pay. Check out some of our current clients here.

Alternatively, if you enter your criteria here our system will automatically alert you to any current or future opportunities we are representing that are of interest to you. Be advised, these engaged sellers are represented by us and selling through a competitive bid process.

If you are interested or know of a potentially interested party, please contact:

Sam Scharich
Direct: 616-970-6124
[email protected]


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