Calder Capital Buy-Side Client Update: June 2021

Calder Capital is thrilled to be able to give you an update on how we’re fulfilling our current buy-side clients’ mandates. June was exceptional!

How do we do this? It’s not rocket science. We combine data analytics with the tedious work that no one wants to do – lots of research, cold calls, and email outreach.

If you’re looking for deal flow that matches your criteria click here and we will send you sellers that we are representing for sale. Keep in mind that our engaged sellers often receive multiple competitive offers.

Looking for private seller leads with no competition? Calder is proud to also offer Buy-Side services that generate proprietary off-market deal flow to our clients, as an alternative option.

Select Seller Leads Developed in June

What days/hours are contacts the most responsive?

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to send an email? Perhaps you’ve wondered what day of the week is going to invoke a response?

Our team has poured hours and thousands of dollars into analyzing our own data to figure this out. What we have found is surprising. Please keep in mind that most of our prospecting is targeted at potential business sellers and we reach out directly to the owners.

Sellers – Best Days

Sellers are most receptive to opening and clicking on emails Wednesday through Friday. Specifically, Wednesday and Thursday are repeatedly some of our strongest engagement days. This makes sense psychologically, as perhaps Mondays are a return to the grind and by Wednesday the week may begin to feel like an eternity for an owner that is burnt out or has retirement lurking in the near future (Retirement remains the #1 reason for a business sale!). Mondays are by far the worst days for seller engagement.


Interested in Working With Us?

Calder works with clients on a guaranteed basis, so if we don’t deliver our clients don’t pay. Check out some of our current clients here.

Alternatively, if you enter your criteria here our system will automatically alert you to any current or future opportunities we are representing that are of interest to you. Be advised, these engaged sellers are represented by us and selling through a competitive bid process.

If you are interested or know of a potentially interested party, please contact:

Sam Scharich
Direct: 616-970-6124
[email protected]

Contact Calder Capital

Please be advised that we take confidentiality seriously. Your inquiry will never be disclosed to a third party and your email address will never be sold!
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