Calder Capital Buy-Side Client Update: May 2021

Calder Capital is thrilled to be able to give you an update of how we’re fulfilling our current buy-side clients’ mandates. This month has been exceptional!

Proprietary Buy-Side Leads Generated in May: 24

Site Visits & Conference Calls: 15

IOIs / LOIs Submitted or Signed: 4


How do we do this? It’s not rocket science. We combine data analytics with the tedious work that no one wants to do – lots of research, cold calls, and email outreach.

Select Leads Developed in May

Cold Calls Work, Just Look at the Numbers

Most buyers send blast emails to Advisors hoping that they have an engaged seller that matches their criteria. While this may be effective from time to time in terms of getting a CIM, when a banker has an established niche industrial or service businesses with management in place, EBITDA $3MM+, customer diversification, and contracted revenue, et al., they know the power they wield. They will drive a rapid process light on due diligence that results in a bidding war. It’s all sorts of uncomfortable and 9 times out of 10 you will lose.

There is another way.

A fantastic way to get a dynamic message to the intended target is a cold telephone call. By applying some elbow grease, you can quickly take a cold call and turn it into a warm lead. We do it every day. And we measure it.

In fact, with the proper messaging, Calder’s data shows that after a single direct call to a business owner, email open and response rates jump 15-20%. The calls must be professional, personalized, explanatory, and direct in nature. Therefore, our team constantly scrutinizes the language, tone, and structure of our initial calls in order to maximize the number of owners we are connecting with directly.

Volume is also crucial in order to best serve our buyer clients, and we are averaging 45-50 calls/hour. How? The Calder team utilizes a speed-dialing platform that makes certain that we waste no time punching numbers, leaving voicemails, or taking separate notes. Instead, all of our efforts are focused on conversing and getting our message through.

Constructing the proper message and picking up the phone will add a unique and effective angle to your target sourcing. Or, we can do it for you and guarantee the results.

Interested in Working With Us?

Calder works with clients on a guaranteed basis, so if we don’t deliver our clients don’t pay. Check out some of our current clients here.

Alternatively, if you enter your criteria here our system will automatically alert you to any current or future opportunities we are representing that are of interest to you. Be advised, these engaged sellers are represented by us and selling through a competitive bid process.

If you are interested or know of a potentially interested party, please contact:

Sam Scharich
Direct: 616-970-6124
[email protected]

Contact Calder Capital

Please be advised that we take confidentiality seriously. Your inquiry will never be disclosed to a third party and your email address will never be sold!
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