Calder Capital/SBDA Close Record 40th Transaction New Year’s Eve, Capping Epic Year

With the successful acquisition of Grand Rapids, MI-based West Michigan Technical Supply/The Bolt Bin, the Calder Capital/SBDA team crushed an unprecedented milestone of 40 successfully closed transactions in 2020.

“What a remarkable year!” noted Max Friar, Calder’s Founder and Managing Partner. “I’m only a slightly superstitious person and it sure is interesting how ’40’ surrounded 2020. 40 closings, I received the 40 Under 40 Award, and I turned 40. All great things except the latter,” he chuckled.

Friar continued, “We ended the year up 74% in transaction volume with 85% revenue growth. I feel like this is quite an accomplishment considering that industry-wide transactions are down 22% for small businesses and 13-15% for all transactions domestically and internationally.”

Calder/SBDA are up 74% in transaction volume versus this time last year, having closed 40 deals in 2020 compared to 23 in 2019.

In terms of the types of transactions that are getting done by Calder/SBDA in 2020, manufacturing (33%), service (28%), and distribution (18%) transactions lead the way with restaurant, technology, construction, and retail rounding out the industry list.

Here is a complete list of Calder/SBDA closings through December 31, 2020.

Client City of Client Advisor   Buyer Type Industry    
Laser Access, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI Calder   Individual Manufacturing    
Topps Safety Apparel, Inc. Rochester, IN Calder   Strategic Manufacturing    
Premier Paper & Supplies, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI SBDA   Strategic Distribution    
Family Wellness Center Midland, MI SBDA   Individual Service    
Family Fitness Holland, MI SBDA   Individual Service    
D.C. Martin & Sons Scales, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI Calder   Strategic Distribution    
Boelcke Heating & Air Conditioning Stevensville, MI Calder   Individual Service    
Foxbright Grand Rapids, MI Calder   Individual Service/Tech    
Campbell Murch Memorials Mattawan, MI SBDA   Strategic Manufacturing    
College H.U.N.K.S. Des Moines, IA SBDA   Individual Service    
2B Studios Ada, MI SBDA   Individual Service    
Spectrum Health Ventures Wyoming, MI Calder   Strategic Healthcare Manufacturing    
Graphics Embossed Imaging Grand Rapids, MI Calder   Individual Manufacturing    
Dickey’s BBQ Pit Novi, MI SBDA   Individual Restaurant    
Stonewall Road Automotive Group, LLC SE Michigan Calder   Private Equity Service    
Electric Motor Service Grand Rapids, MI SBDA   Individual Service    
A&W Restaurant St. Charles, MN SBDA   Individual Restaurant    
Corridor Coffee Grand Rapids, MI SBDA   Individuals Restaurant    
CG Witvoet & Sons, Inc Grand Rapids, MI Calder   Investment Group Manufacturing    
Elite Tooling Kalamazoo, MI Calder   Strategic Manufacturing    
Waseyabek Development Corp Muskegon, MI Calder   Strategic Manufacturing    
Environmental Products Manufacturer Candler, GA Calder   Strategic Manufacturing    
Castle Brewing Co Greenville, MI SBDA   Strategic Restaurant    
Bridal Gallery Grand Rapids, MI SBDA   Strategic Retail    
Integrated Manufacturing Concepts Ceresco, MI Calder   Individual Manufacturing    
Oinks Dutch Treat New Buffalo, MI SBDA   Individual Restaurant    
Foam Works Ludington, MI SBDA   Individual Construction    
Window Genie Olathe, KS SBDA   Individual Service    
Days Machinery Movers Elkhart, IN Calder   Strategic Service    
Major Brands Oil Holland, MI Calder   Strategic Distribution    
HEI Wireless Benton Harbor, MI Calder   Individual Service    
Ink Addict Ferndale, MI SBDA   Strategic Distribution/eCommerce    
Michigan Woodwork Williamston, MI Calder   Individuals Manufacturing    
Michigan Chandelier Southfield, MI Calder   Private Equity Distribution    
Power Manufacturing, Inc. Elkhart, IN Calder   Individual Manufacturing    
Map-In-Tour Midland, MI SBDA   Strategic Service/Tech    
Custom Millwork & Display, Inc. South Bend, IN Calder   Individual Manufacturing    
Lubricants Distribution Company Farmington Hills, MI SBDA   Strategic Distribution    
Holistic Medicine Practitioner Grand Rapids, MI SBDA   Individual Service    
The Bolt Bin Grand Rapids, MI Calder   Individual Distribution    

Overall, from an industry standpoint, the breakdown of deals has been as follows:

  • Manufacturing – 33%
  • Service – 28%
  • Distribution – 18%
  • Restaurant – 13%
  • Technology – 5%
  • Construction – 3%
  • Retail – 3%
For a second year in a row, manufacturing transactions led the pack for Calder/SBDA, accounting for 13 transactions and 33% of total deal volume. Calder Capital is a proud member of the Michigan Manufacturer’s Association (MMA).

21 transactions have been in Western Michigan, 10 in out-state Michigan, and 9 in other states including Indiana (4), New York, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, and Minnesota. Among the buyers, 23 have been individuals, 14 have been strategic buyers, and 3 have been private equity/investment groups.

Friar concluded, “With the election finalized and COVID vaccines rolling out, I am very confident that 2021 will be a strong year. Based on the decline in transactions nationwide during 2020, it is clear that many sellers are on the sidelines. Many of those will come to the market in 2021 and we are seeing them already start to surface.”

About Calder Capital, LLC

Founded in 2013 by Max Friar, Calder Capital, LLC is a lower middle-market M&A Advisory Firm focused on representing buyers and sellers with enterprise value from $2-100MM primarily in the segments of manufacturing, business services, and distribution. Calder represents sellers primarily in the Midwest and buyers nationwide. 

About Small Business Deal Advisors, LLC

Founded in 2017 by Max Friar and Matthew Baas, Small Business Deal Advisors, LLC is a business intermediary firm focused on serving small, traditionally underserved sellers of businesses with enterprise value generally less than $1MM. SBDA’s clients are customarily franchised re-sales, light industrial, restaurants, and business and personal services. SBDA represents sellers nationwide and in Canada. 

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