Dave Hunt, Founder, Hunt Movers (Two Men & A Truck) – Grand Rapids, MI (Seller)

“While selling my business, Bill Evans displayed an amazing depth of knowledge of not only the accounting and business side of what I needed from the sale of my company, but knew of the emotional and personal investment that was being sold as well. His experience as a former business owner as well as his financial background gives him a unique perspective of what it takes to sell your business as well as what you NEED when you do so. He connected with what I was looking for financially and helped maintain realistic goals while constantly looking out for my best interest from the buyer.”

Bill was always easy to contact, be it via email, text or phone, and saw possibilities I never even recognized to facilitate not only a timely sale, but a profitable one! I would recommend his services to anyone looking to sell their company – because Bill Evans realizes that it isn’t just a company – it is the result of your hard work and sweat – your BUSINESS.”

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