Featured: Pankaj Rajadhyaksha

Pankaj Rajadhyaksha, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor

M&A Advisor at Calder Capital
Graduate of Aquinas College
Motto: Don’t leave your morals at the door when you come in to work.
Favorite Activity: An occasional Netflix movie or show.
Karaoke Night Song: *Pankaj doesn’t sing karaoke, but we’ve heard he’s got a pretty good stand-up routine.*


What motivated you to become an M&A advisor? 

After spending 20-years working with small business owners in the community banking industry, I saw a growing need for baby boomers needing to exit their business. Having been fortunate enough to have worked with companies and seen them grow, the idea of helping business owners exit successfully seemed like something that would prove satisfying to me.

How did you come to work at Calder Capital?

I had met Max [Managing Partner at Calder Capital] a few times and was impressed with his drive. After working at another M&A firm for a few years, I approached Max. The timing was right and it’s been an enjoyable experience ever since.

What kinds of businesses do you like to work with? 

I am open to working with almost any type of business. What’s more important to me is the business owner(s). Character and integrity are important to me. Transparency is important so that we can help our client achieve their goals.

What motivates you to work hard each day?

The fact that you are entrusted with helping someone with one of the most important and critical decisions of their life.

Describe the wildest thing that’s ever happened to you at work/during a project.

Occasionally, you run into odd situations, but nothing that I would describe as wild.

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Be more open to risk. 

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

I considered becoming a lawyer followed by a stand up comedian. I figured that would provide plenty of fodder for my act. 


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