July’s Off-Market Sellers

Despite receiving many “out of office” automatic responses in July, Calder’s buy-side team set a new record with 58 off-market leads uncovered!

With the economy giving mixed signals, investors have pounced on available opportunities.

Persistence (multiple contact points) has been instrumental in our success. It is crucial to be planting seeds early and often as our team initially contacted some of the leads developed in July over a year ago!

Are you planting seeds?

Select Seller Leads Developed in July


$15M EBITDA Foam Product Manufacturer

In search of strategic acquisitions in Michigan, Calder Project Manager, Parker Schaap, prospected this company on behalf of our client. After ignoring Parker’s first calls and emails, the owner eventually reached back out and explained that he might be willing to have a discussion if it remained confidential. He had hoped to sell the business to his son, however, that did not seem to be working out as planned. We executed an NDA with the owner and he is now in the process of pulling together information so that Calder and our client can value his business.

$7M EBITDA Consumable Medical Products Manufacturer

In search of proprietary product manufacturers across the US, Calder Project Manager, Hannah Nabhan reached out to this company multiple times before receiving a reply. Finally, a well-timed cold call got through to the owner and a conversation began. The owner explained that the family-owned business was at a point where future growth required more capital and an owner with renewed energy and vision. Hannah connected our client with the business owner and they hit it off on an introductory call. We are now in the process of putting together an offer for the business.

$2M EBITDA Environmental Services Business

Determined to find an environmental solutions company for our client, Calder Analyst, Evan Lee emailed and cold-called this company six times before receiving a reply. After getting the owner on the phone and describing the related background of our client, the owner was intrigued and open to a conversation with our client. After building rapport through an in-person meeting, Calder is in the process of completing a valuation in order to guide our client on where to position an offer.

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