Niche FedEx Logistics and Transportation Company

Serving the vast shipping needs of its key partner, FedEx, the company stretches across the United States with its customer reach. A fast-growing company, the business has proved to both FedEx and its customer base that it is reliable, efficient and easy to work with. The business is an asset leasing company that delivers high-value, high-paying, white glove loads to clients nationwide.

Ownership has decided it is time to transition the business to new owners with a vision to grow and sustain the business for many more years to come.




TTM May 2018 Revenue: $1,384,565

TTM May 2018 Cash Flow: $312,952



Financial Stability and Flexibility: The company has already made significant investments in its fleet to drive revenue for years to come.

FedEx Partnership: The company’s key partnership ensures consistent demand for services within a niche, high-margin paying industry. FedEx also aids in many of what would be time-consuming areas of the Business.

Turnkey Opportunity: The company operates relatively autonomously with current ownership having limited involvement in the company.

Fast Growing: Since its inception in 2015, the Business’ Revenue has exploded, growing by 40%, on average YoY, and is forecasted to continue growing in the double digits.  The SDE Margin has been very consistent at 23% and the Company continues to increase its capabilities to fulfill more loads.

Proven Strategy: The Company has a proven strategy for success that current ownership desires to pass on to transitioning ownership to help shorten the learning curve of entering such a niche business. It would be difficult to enter this niche market without an acquisition of a Company previously involved in the industry.






Partnership Growth Incentives: FedEx offers many incentives to its partners to help them grow and consequently provide more services to FedEx. There are key incentives for expanding fleet size which helps drive more revenue for FedEx and in turn its partnerships.

Addition of Trucks: Growing the business’ capabilities to provide for FedEx by continuing to expand fleet size would help continue the Company’s strong growth. The Company is an excellent opportunity for a well-capitalized buyer to get a strong cash flow stream without significant time investment.


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