Business Appraisals

Business Valuations are one of the most underutilized tools for business owners. It is a common belief that the only need for a business valuation is when you are preparing to sell. Although it may be the most popular, it is hardly the only reason. Legal matters, financial planning, business monitoring, financing, and tax issues are all reasons why a business owner may need to seek a business valuation. Depending on the purpose and size we offer multiple levels of reports.

Full-Scope Comprehensive Valuation Report – Recommended for owners that require an in-depth certified appraisal for situations that may wind up in dispute (divorce, shareholder dispute, litigation) or ESOP, bankruptcy or entity conversion.

  • Assistance with completion of client questionnaire
  • Financial Analysis of internal financial statements and Federal Income Tax Returns
  • Industry comparison analysis
  • Application of all relevant valuation methods
  • Final Valuation Report includes all supporting detail and analysis
  • Session with Client for review and explanation
  • Typically 70+ pages.

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