Perceptive Controls, Inc., Of Plainwell, MI Acquired by UpT Reliability Solutions!

Calder Capital, LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of Perceptive Controls, Inc., of Plainwell, MI by UpT Reliability Solutions of Kalamazoo, MI!

Founded in 1997 by Todd Reynolds and Ryan Fisher, Perceptive Controls is a systems integrator that supplies process control systems mainly to municipal water/wastewater and industrial/manufacturing customers. For over twenty years, Perceptive Controls has proudly upheld its mission of properly managing each discipline in order to provide a trouble-free, turnkey solution to their clients.

Perceptive Controls was partially acquired by UpT Reliability Solutions, LLC. UpT is a newly formed provider of turnkey motor repair, inspection & maintenance, and custom automation and controls to customers nationwide. The purchase of Perceptive Controls was a strategic acquisition for UpT.

“When I came across this opportunity, I had a gut feeling that it would be a great fit,” remarked Jason Harloff, Chief Strategic Officer of UpT. “Todd and Ryan have built a great operation, and I’m excited to see how we can expand our reach through the merging of these two companies.”

Edson Ramirez and Patrick Robey of Calder Capital, LLC, were the lead Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors on the transaction, working closely with Todd Reynolds and Ryan Fisher to find a buyer that would be an ideal fit for all involved. “UpT and Perceptive Controls have the makings of a great strategic partnership,” commented Edson Ramirez. “Ryan, Todd, and Jason were all a pleasure to work with. It always feels great to be able to close a deal with total confidence that both companies involved are being set up for long term success.”

After closing a nice round 40 transactions in 2020, Calder is hopeful of topping themselves in 2021.  “This transaction is a testament to the firm’s continued momentum,” noted Max Friar, Managing Partner of Calder Capital. “After a record-smashing year like 2020, it’d be easy for any team to phone it in at the beginning of the year that follows. But our team isn’t any team, and in the New Year we’ve hit the ground running.”

Perceptive Controls is a systems integrator that supplies process control systems mainly to municipal water/wastewater and industrial/manufacturing customers.

Todd Reynolds and Ryan Fisher sought Calder Capital’s business sell-side expertise when they felt it was time to transition out of their ownership role with Perceptive Controls. “We’ve had going on 25 years with Perceptive, and while Ryan and I have relished the challenge of running our own company, we both felt as though it had outgrown us. We knew it was time to move onto the next phase,” said Todd Reynolds, Co-Founder and former President of Perceptive Controls. “Edson and Patrick both brought a young and complementary energy to finding us the right buyer, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”

Calder Capital, LLC, served as the exclusive Mergers & Acquisitions advisor to Perceptive Controls, Inc.

About Perceptive Controls, Inc.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Plainwell, Michigan, Perceptive Controls is a leading systems integrator comprising three primary divisions with complementary business models in various municipal and industrial water infrastructure and manufacturing segments. Perceptive has a diverse customer base and extensive experience within the water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical & biotech, gas & oil, food & beverage, and automotive industries. For over two decades, Perceptive Controls has remained committed to maintaining and increasing its client base by consistently designing and implementing the best control products for facilitating seamless communication between the shop floor and business areas.  Perceptive Controls’ sister company is Perceptive Service & Operations.  PSO provides licensed water and wastewater services for smaller municipalities, as well as vactor truck services and underground pipe inspection services.



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