Profitable and Well-Established Rental Business for Sale!

For over four decades this profitable rental Company has successfully served Southwest Michigan and North Central Indiana. The Company is a full line rental store offering party/event supplies to groups and venues, as well as equipment and tools to homeowners and professional contractors. The Company’s knowledgeable and professionally trained staff are problem solvers that can advise customers on anything from how to operate a popcorn machine to earth moving equipment. A well-established market presence, diverse rental catalog, and superb core team of employees has enabled the Company to generate consistent sales and healthy profits year-after-year.

Financial Overview

2017 Revenue: $989,461

2017 Cash Flow: $166,704

Investment Highlights

Long-established Company –The Company’s business model has been proven successful in nearly every economic condition imaginable over this time. Not only does it benefit from long-standing customer relationships, but it has a deep knowledge of the evolving needs and demands of the local market.

Diversified Product Selection and Customers-base – The Company has two distinct lines of business – party & events and contractor equipment, which represent 60% and 40% of the business, respectively. These unrelated market segments help to smooth revenue and provide overall diversification of the customer base.

Capable Management Team – The core management team is extremely competent and responsible. A lead manager has been with the Company for 10 years. The owners can leave for weeks at a time without having to worry about their business deteriorating.

Growth Opportunities

Satellite Locations – The Company already does a significant amount of business in several West Michigan cities – enough that both locations may justify their own satellite stores.

Acquire Larger Event Tents –Company has numerous corporate clients and charity events for which the Company must sub-rent 40X60 tents.

More Actively and Effectively Sell Used Equipment – More actively marketing and managing the strategic sale of used equipment would be an excellent strategy for a new owner. Finding the optimal medium through which to sell off old equipment, and determining the optimal time to do this and reinvest in new would be an effective way to boost the Company’s profits.


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