September’s Off-Market Sellers


Lead flow decelerated a bit for us in September, but Calder’s buy-side team still managed to wrangle in 33 new off-market leads for our clients.

The decrease was due in part to the Fed’s continued interest rate hiking and subsequent buyer/seller hesitancy and reevaluation of market conditions. We can do nothing about that but what we can affect is the success of our clients. And I am very pleased to announce that 50% of Calder’s engaged buyers having businesses secured under a Letter of Intent (LOI)!

Alongside our clients we are wading through oodles of due diligence and post-LOI negotiation on purchase agreements, deal structuring, and securing financing.

Check out some of the prospects we uncovered in September:

Select Seller Leads Developed in September

$100M Revenue Contracting Company

Parker Schaap, one of Calder’s longest tenured buy-side project managers, was on the prowl for a contracting service company when he came across this $100M revenue company. Although it’s slightly larger than what our client was originally searching for, the owner has hit it off with our client and is considering a heavily structured transaction in order to help our client pull of the deal.

$75M Revenue Midwest Manufacturer

Tyler Mussen was determined to uncover a well-established manufacturing company located in the Midwest for a buy-side client. Following a surplus of over 560 emails and 280 cold-calls, Tyler finally connected with a large, long-standing manufacturer. Our client left the site visit not only with an offer in mind but also a new mentor, the Company’s 78-year-old owner.

New Buy-Side Client Launched

Calder Capital recently signed on a new buy-side client. Within 2 days of launching our client’s project to our network, Calder Analyst, Arsalan Khan, received over 12 inquiries from off-market sellers. In addition, Arsalan’s direct outreach process yielded another 10 companies right out of the gate. This brings over 22 potential prospects (pending a thorough qualification call) to introduce to our buyer.

As the Chinese Proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.” The best time to get started buying a business is now.

Start working with our team today! You’ve earned it.

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