Tustin’s Asphalt Sealing Acquired by an Individual Investor

Calder Capital is excited to announce the successful sale of its client, Tustin’s Asphalt Sealing of Plainwell, Michigan to an individual investor.

Tustin’s Asphalt Sealing was acquired by Brian Holt. Mr. Holt has extensive experience working in digital marketing and brand consulting, where he has aided numerous companiesto boost their business performance and increase their revenue growth. Mr. Holt currently works as a CMO for Chief Outsiders, a national management consulting firm. 

“There were some ups and downs, but overall Garrett made this a smooth transaction for a first-timer,” stated Brian Holt. 

Tustin’s Asphalt Sealing provides complete asphalt maintenance services for commercial, industrial, and residential asphalt surfaces. The Company offers services such as seal coating, crack filling, infra-red patching, removal and replacement of asphalt, and drain repair. Tustin’s Asphalt Sealing provides its services to many customers including municipalities, car dealerships, local businesses, corporations, property management companies, and residential homeowners.  

Jeff Tustin started Tustin’s Asphalt Sealing in 1973 and has remained President of the Company ever since. Jeff’s wife, Michelle, has also been highly involved in the Business, working as the Company’s office manager and bookkeeper. The pair have worked together to successfully run and manage the Company for many years. Ready to transition into retirement, Jeff and Michelle engaged Calder Capital to assist in finding new ownership for the Company. 

“Jeff and Michelle care deeply about their employees, company, customers, and community. Both have a genuine commitment to making sure Brian, the buyer, is successful for the 2022 season. Brian is the perfect fit to grow Tustin’s into the future with a management and marketing background. He understands the reputation and service quality that Jeff has established and wants to build on that and take the Company to the next level. It was an emotional, rewarding, and meaningful transaction. I’m happy I could be part of the team to get it done for Jeff and Michelle. The Tustin’s name will continue to be known for quality in the West Michigan community,” stated Garrett Monroe, M&A Advisor at Calder Capital. 

Calder Capital, LLC served as the exclusive Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor to Tustin’s Asphalt Sealing. 

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

About Tustin’s Asphalt Sealing

Founded in 1973, Tustin’s has provided superior asphalt maintenance to the West Michigan area for many years. The Company has established itself as a regional leader by utilizing advanced and customized equipment along with superior customer service and quality services. This allows the Tustin’s team to tailor its services to each customer’s specific needs as well as help them maintain their long-term maintenance goals. The Company’s convenient location in Plainwell, Michigan allows them to service within a 50-mile radius.

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