Profitable Utility Welding & Maintenance Company – Western Michigan!

Despite its humble beginning in 1980 as a simple welding repair business in Western Michigan, this Company has grown and evolved over the past two decades into a thriving Company that specializes in a specific type of work. Very few can match this Company’s expertise, reputation and safety record. Direct competition is virtually nonexistent. The result is consistent revenue levels and strong cash flows year after year.

Regardless of their background in the skilled trades or welding, any competent and well-capitalized individual or group is considered a candidate to successfully own and operate this Company. Technical knowledge is well dispersed across the team and the owner is open to staying on as a technical advisor until the new owner feels comfortable operating the business on his/her own.

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The Company welds and provides maintenance for a unique niche in the utility contracting space.

Financial Performance:

TTM Revenue July 31, 2017: $2,617,404

TTM Cash Flow July 31, 2017: $1,162,264



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The company has been experiencing recent surges in demand for its services despite never advertising or marketing itself.

Investment Highlights

Extremely Consistent Revenue and Strong Cash Flow – The Company’s owner has grown the Company to an optimal size for him – it has consistently generated over half a million in earnings and is still within his ability to effectively manage it. The Company is presently experiencing additional surges in demand with profits following, illustrating a growing need for its unique service offering. 

Newer Equipment and Vehicles – Reinvestment is a priority at the Company. The Company’s fleet of vehicles, equipment, and tools are diligently maintained and upgraded as required.

Always Busy – The Company consistently has a steady stream of new projects waiting.

Growth Opportunities

Aging Infrastructure Nationwide – Infrastructure throughout the United States is in a sorry state. Recently, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave U.S. infrastructure a grade of D+. The steady improvement of the economy and a growing housing market are providing municipalities with more money to allocate to infrastructure investment, upon which this Company can capitalize.

Expanding into New Geographies – Growth opportunities in dense metropolitan places such as the greater Chicago area are immense. The Company consistently works in this region but there are many more opportunities available there (as well as within the entire state of Illinois).

No Sales of Marketing Effort Whatsoever – Operating entirely by word-of-mouth, the Company does not even have a website, nor has it done any sales or marketing initiatives or employ any sales people. Even a modest investment in these areas would likely yield significant results.

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