Calder Capital Buy-Side Client Update: October 2021

As we roll into November, hopefully you are primed for a busy rest of the year. We certainly are at Calder!

As a firm, we are trying to break our record of 40 completed deals set last year, and we’re currently at 33 closed deals with a record number of LOI’s signed. For a recap of the first 30 deals we completed this year, check out our post here.

Calder’s steady growth is due in part to the success of our buy-side and we are grateful to continue growing our team with a recent addition, giving our team plenty of capacity to serve new and existing clients.

Check out some of the off-market leads our buy-side team discovered for our current buy-side clients‘ mandates below.



How do we do this? It’s 90% elbow grease combined with 10% data science. We combine a personal touch, marketing automation, and data analytics to hone best practices with the tedious work that no one wants to do–lots of research, telephone calls, and email outreach.

Select Seller Leads Developed in October

Interested in Working With Us?

Calder works with clients on a guaranteed basis, so if we don’t deliver our clients don’t pay. Check out some of our current clients here.

Alternatively, if you enter your criteria here our system will automatically alert you to any current or future opportunities we are representing that are of interest to you. Be advised, these engaged sellers are represented by us and selling through a competitive bid process.

If you are interested or know of a potentially interested party, please contact:

Sam Scharich
Direct: 616-970-6124
[email protected]

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