Computer Rescue 911 of Grand Rapids, MI Acquired by Local Investor

Calder Capital, LLC is proud to announce that Computer Rescue 911 of Grand Rapids, MI has been acquired by an individual investor.

Computer Rescue 911 was acquired by David Vanderzwaag, owner of TechVZ, a computer consulting company based in West Michigan. David’s father, Don Vanderzwaag, sought to help David grow his IT business through a strategic acquisition. David purchased Computer Rescue, and Don purchased the business’ facility.

Moe and Kevin Damghani, a father-son partnership, founded Computer Rescue 911 in 2007. Moe has since retired, and Jonathan Highman joined the Company as Kevin’s business partner in 2014. In 2019, Jonathan and Kevin split the Company into two entities: IT Partners and Computer Rescue 911, with Computer Rescue focusing solely on computer and phone repairs.  They engaged with Calder Capital in order to find a buyer who would continue growing Computer Rescue 911  so that they could focus solely on IT Partners, which has been recognized for multiple years  as a  fast-growing West Michigan Inc 5000 company. Scott Nicholson served as the lead Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor to Kevin and Jonathan.


Today, Computer Rescue 911 has a base of over 6,000 customers and hundreds of businesses that rely on its many services and offerings.

“Don and David were the perfect fit to take over Computer Rescue,” said Kevin Damghani. “The company coming full circle with another father-son partnership was a pleasant surprise. A big thanks to Scott and Calder for ensuring that we found the right fit.” 

“This was an interesting transaction to be part of,” commented Scott Nicholson, lead Sell-Side Advisor on the deal. “Computer Rescue 911 is an excellent business with plenty of room to grow even further in the West Michigan area. It will be exciting to see how the company will continue to thrive under Vanderzwaag leadership.”

“I was very excited and impressed when we came across this opportunity,” remarked David Vanderzwaag, buyer of Computer Rescue 911. “Kevin and Jonathan created a sharp one-stop shop with a great environment and work culture, and I can’t wait to continue what they started.”

“The Computer Rescue transaction is absolutely a feel-good deal,” commented Max Friar, Calder’s Managing Partner. “Two local sellers of a family-founded business transitioning to two local buyers to continue to grow and invest in the community is a picture perfect outcome. Congrats to Kevin, Jonathan, Don, David , and Scott on a transaction well-executed!”

Calder Capital, LLC served as the exclusive Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor to Computer Rescue 911, LLC.

About Computer Rescue 911

Established in 2007, Computer Rescue 911 is a technology repair company serving West Michigan. Computer Rescue 911 services all brands, including Macs, Personal Computers, and iPhones. The company is best known for its superior customer service and creative solutions. With an ever-growing team, Computer Rescue can assist businesses and provide high quality IT services to its part in its clients’ success. Today, Computer Rescue 911 has a base of over 6,000 customers and hundreds of businesses that rely on its many services and offerings.

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