Tom Kaucic, International Purchasing Staffing, Inc. (Seller)

“Max proved to be an outstanding, creative and relentless partner who really took the time to get to know both me and my business. He worked on the deal 24/7 until it was acceptable to both parties. He then worked with my attorney to produce a Buy/Sell process that met my goals, and we closed the deal. I give Max my highest level of recommendation!”

Mark Juhl, President, Jaytech, Inc. (Buyer)

“I am sincerely glad that I found you as a partner. You were really the driving force in helping me to find, value, structure the transaction and push the acquisition through. You are a true professional. I am so proud of our team and feel privileged to have worked together to make my dream a reality. I consider you a friend.”

Dawn, Grand Rapids, Michigan (Buyer)

“Kirk Skinner is enthusiastic, hardworking, and has great business sense. He will offer suggestions, but allows you to make decisions without pressure. Once you make a decision on an offer or plan of action, he will fully support you and aggressively pursue it on your behalf.”

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