Introducing Drew Peluso: Sneaker Connoisseur

Introducing Drew Peluso to our Summer 2022 Semester Internship Program!

Here at Calder Capital, we thrive on our culture of learning and curiosity, which is why our internship program is so important. In fact, many of our advisors came to us as undergraduate interns, green and eager to learn!

Our internship program is not coffee runs and paper pushing. Our interns work hard behind the scenes at every stage of our M&A process. They keep our prospecting process moving, they have their hands in every financial analysis and valuation, and they collaborate to put together our Confidential Information Memorandum for each client that’s launched to market. 

Since they’re such an integral part of our team, we want to introduce who’s working behind the scenes for the summer of 2022.

We’re Proud to Introduce Drew Peluso!

Drew is a Senior at Michigan State University. He’s studying Finance, making him a natural fit here at Calder Capital.  He is a Michigan native and grew up in Troy, Michigan.

Drew has always been very entrepreneurial minded. In high school, he even started up a small business where he sourced shoes for customers and even some professional athletes. After college, he plans on working in either private equity or venture capital and ultimately aspires to own his own business one day.

Drew Peluso, Junior Analyst for the Summer 2022 Semester.

In his free time Drew enjoys playing golf, participating in fantasy football, and playing poker with friends.  His favorite TV series are Breaking Bad and The Office.

Drew is very motivated to succeed and puts his heart into everything he does. When asked about what he’s anticipating through his internship at our firm, Drew commented, “I’m excited to gain real world experience and making lasting relationships with good people – and there seems to be no shortage of them here.”

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