Introducing Dylan Stenzinger: Not a Coffee Drinker

Introducing Dylan Stenzinger to our Winter/Spring 2021 Semester Internship Program!

Here at Calder Capital, we thrive on our culture of learning and curiosity, which is why our internship program is so important. In fact, many of our current advisors came to us as undergraduate interns, green and eager to learn!

Our internship program is not coffee runs and paper pushing. Our interns work hard behind the scenes at every stage of our M&A process. They keep our prospecting process moving, they have their hands in every financial analysis and valuation, and they collaborate to assemble Confidential Information Memorandums (CIMs) for each client that’s launched to market. 

Since they’re such an integral part of our team, we want to introduce who’s working behind the scenes for the first few months of 2021.

We’re proud to introduce Dylan Stenzinger! 

Dylan is currently in his second year at Cornerstone University. He is quadruple-majoring, pursuing Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting, Finance, and Economics, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Creativity & Innovation. Especially considering that he’s not a coffee drinker, we’re not really sure where he gets such energy and drive, but we’re pretty excited that we get to see what he can accomplish at our firm.

Outside of his professional and educational pursuits, Dylan likes to stay disciplined in his workouts, and make space for quality time with the important people in his life.  He also carves out time for a rich spiritual life, and though he doesn’t have much time to read for pleasure during the school year (can you imagine why not?),  he prioritizes time for devotional reading and personal growth on his days off.

Dylan Stenzinger, Junior Analyst for the Winter/Spring 2021 Semester.

Dylan comes from a unique adoption story, which not everyone knows about him, but he enjoys sharing it because of how it lets him connect with others and foster deeper relationships through opening up. He is a first generation college student in his biological family, and if it’s not apparent from his multiple majors that he likes to jump in with both feet, Dylan also co-founded Cornerstone’s investment club.

“After graduation I really just hope to work someplace that has a go-getter culture and enables me to serve a clientele while I help to build something bigger than myself,” commented Dylan.  “My experiences and moral grounding have equipped me with both a servant and tenacious mindset. Having been with Calder for just over a week now I can’t really say there is any one thing greater than another that I’m excited about learning through this internship. Rather, I’m excited to figure out what I will be learning that I never thought I would even be learning.”

Connect with Dylan on LinkedIn and see what else he’s got in the works.


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