Introducing Jakob Simonds: Guacamole Hater

Introducing Jakob Simonds to our Winter/Spring 2021 Semester Internship Program!

Here at Calder Capital, we thrive on our culture of learning and curiosity, which is why our internship program is so important. In fact, many of our advisors came to us as undergraduate interns, green and eager to learn!

Our internship program is not coffee runs and paper pushing. Our interns work hard behind the scenes at every stage of our M&A process. They keep our prospecting process moving, they have their hands in every financial analysis and valuation, and they collaborate to put together our Confidential Information Memorandum for each client that’s launched to market. 

Since they’re such an integral part of our team, we want to introduce who’s working behind the scenes for the first few months of 2021.

We’re proud to introduce Jakob Simonds!

Jakob is a senior at Grand Valley State University. He’s studying Finance with a focus on investments, so he’s a natural fit here at Calder Capital. He lives on black coffee and a willingness to learn from the past, even if that means accepting the mistakes along with the good memories.

While Jakob is still dialing in what he’s going to do after he graduates college, he’s pretty sure he would  ultimately like to work at a hedge fund. He’s intrigued by all of the opportunities available to him, particularly equity research. As a Grand Rapids native, he’s excited to get out and explore new places, while keeping our beloved GR as a home base he’ll always return to, eventually. It’s his eagerness to learn and his willingness to stay curious that makes him an excellent fit at Calder.

Jakob Simonds, Junior Analyst for the Winter/Spring 2021 Semester.

Jakob loves sports, and has played soccer his entire life. He loves the Detroit Lions, the outdoors, and just generally trying new things, as long as they don’t involve avocado. When the Lions don’t make the playoffs, he follows another team for a while, and right now he’s rooting for the Chiefs.

Ultimately, Jakob is motivated by the people, and he believes in surrounding himself with those who share similar goals and can help him grow. When asked about what he’s anticipating through his internship at our firm, Jakob commented,  “The thing I’m most excited about is the people at Calder. Everyone is invested in helping me learn and succeed beyond my internship.”

Connect with Jakob on LinkedIn to see what’s next for him.


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