November’s Off-Market Sellers


Welcome to the holiday season.

Many think that M&A slows down during this time. That is far from the truth, at least for us.

Last week the Calder team closed transaction #42 on the year tying our record set in 2021. A huge shout out to buy-side associate Parker Schaap for getting it done!

Off-market lead flow also picked up from last month with our team ultimately generating (ironically also the same number) 42 new off-market leads for active buy-side clients. Business owners are ready to talk. They have been getting hit from all angles over the past three years.

Nothing has gotten easier and no one is getting younger. With no signs of change coming anytime soon, a large number of owners are coming to the realization that they don’t want to endure any longer.

Many are waiting for a quality buyer to call. Let us help connect you both!

Select Seller Leads Developed in November


Closing #42

Buy-Side Associate, Parker Schaap, experienced a bittersweet closing this past month after working with a buy-side client for over a year to find the right business. After managing through two LOIs that fell apart both weeks prior to closings with different targets, unexpected obstacles, and countless due diligence meetings, only through grit and perseverance was Parker able to pull the deal across the finish line.

Ultimately, the deal got done with a business that turned out to be the best fit for our client and both seller and buyer have built a strong relationship that will propel the company forward successfully. This marked Calder’s 42nd closing for the year, tying our record set in 2021.

$70M Chicago Precision Manufacturer

Calder Analyst, Andrew Finkel, recently undertook a search for a niche business in the manufacturing industry. During his search, Andrew managed to prospect a $70M revenue manufacturer. The owner was initially skeptical and mentioned he had been “down this road” before only to determine that the caller was simply fishing for information.

After thoroughly explaining Calder’s process, a successful introductory call was initiated between the owner and our buyer, and the relationship continues to move forward.

Prospecting Perseverance

Calder Analyst, Robert Janei, recently began working with a buy-side client exploring the service industry. For the first few weeks, Robert struggled to reach qualified businesses and owners wanting to sell. Standing firm and following Calder’s consistent 6-step outreach process, shortly thereafter, Robert was rewardingly able to qualify and introduce eight businesses in just the past month! Persistence and process pay!

Why work with Calder?

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