Stoney Creek Logistics of Rochester, MI Acquired by NSG Industries of Detroit, MI

Calder Capital, LLC is pleased to announce the sale of Stoney Creek Logistics, Inc. of Rochester, MI to NSG Industries of Detroit, MI.

Stoney Creek was formed in 2008 by Kevin Bremer and Ray Jewell, both veterans of the transportation and logistics industries. The Company currently provides transportation along dedicated lanes for customers primarily in the automotive industry.

NSG Industries is an investment firm formed by three business partners to facilitate the acquisition of diversified business holdings that have growth opportunities. NSG Industries is comprised of three entrepreneurs/investors: Ajay Gupta, Kenneth Martin, and Jason Beale.

Following the acquisition, the sellers stated, “After working in the industry for over 30 years, we felt that it was time to find a team that had the skill set to help take the Company to the next level. We felt that the team at NSG was the right group to build the business and create more opportunities for the Company and its employees.”

Ajay Gupta from NSG Industries stated, “NSG has been searching for its initial investment for some time. We wanted the first acquisition to be Michigan based with the foundation for next-stage growth. Stoney Creek Logistics is exactly that. We are three scrappy ‘figure it out and get it done’ entrepreneurs and look forward to working with the founders and building off what Kevin and Ray have created.”

Kevin and Ray will continue working for the Company for an unspecified period.

Calder Managing Partner Max Friar noted, “2022 is turning out to be an interesting year. Despite the dour headlines, our team is executing extremely well and I fully expect that we will have another record year. Sellers are tired and many buyers understand that small businesses are one of the best places to invest in a macroeconomic environment where yield is challenging to come by. We are looking forward to the victories of the rest of the year!”

Calder Capital represented Stoney Creek Logistics, Inc. as its exclusive Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory firm. Pankaj Rajadhyaksha served as the lead advisor on behalf of Calder Capital.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.








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