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Calder Capital Sources Proprietary Deal Flow for Strategic Buyers!

Buyer competition, non-listed sales, financing limitations, personal and business risks: these are all factors that add to the difficulty of buying a business. We understand these complexities which is why we have created business buying services uniquely designed for corporate (strategic) buyers.

Most companies cannot justify the expense of having a team dedicated to business acquisitions. Yet, business acquisition, if executed properly, can be a great growth strategy.

Calder Capital serves as a buyside M&A advisor and provides acquisition search services to strategic buyers with over $3 million in annual revenue. Our services are best suited to clients who seek to complete several smaller acquisitions and who have well-defined size, type and geographic search criteria.

We hope to work with Calder Capital again on our next acquisition and would certainly call them when the times comes to sell our business as well. I would not hesitate to recommend their firm to anyone contemplating a business acquisition or sale and can confidently say the cost of their service was the best investment we have ever made. Thank you, Max and Patrick, for your outstanding service!”

– Bruce Chapman, VP of Finance and Co-Owner, Midwest Timer Service, Inc. (Buyer)

Our Process

Phase 1 – Develop Acquisition Strategy and Target Profile

  • Define Acquisition Goals & Criteria
  • Identify the Universe of Potential Prospects
  • Eliminate & Prioritize Prospects

Phase 2 – Research Prospects, Engage Targets, Build Acquisition Pipeline

  • Develop Marketing & Informational Materials
  • Identify Owners and Make Confidential Contact via Phone, Email & Mail
  • Establish a Confidential Drip Marketing Campaign to Keep Targets Aware
  • Coordinate Introductions

Phase 3 – Evaluation Opportunity, Conduct Valuation, Define Synergistic Value

  • Collect Financial and Operational Data from Prospects
  • Perform In-depth Valuation & Assist in Offer (LOI) Creation
  • Work with Our Client to Negotiate on Their Behalf

Phase 4 – Structure, Negotiation and Consummate Transaction

  • Arrange Financing (if necessary)
  • Manage Due Diligence Process
  • Coordinate Purchase Documentation
  • Quarterback Legal & CPA Teams to a Successful Close
  • Party With Our Client Post Acquisition!

Our Pricing

Retainer Fees

A monthly Retainer is established in a formalized acquisition search engagement. The monthly retainer is partially-credited against the Success Fees at closing. Thus, once an acquisition has been consummated much of the Retainer Fees are generally washed out.

Success Fees

The majority of our fees are earned upon the successful consummation of a transaction!


We generally do not incur many, if any, out-of-pocket expenses related to our buy-side clients. However, if significant travel is required we will request reimbursement. All requested reimbursed expenses will be pre-approved.

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