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Businesses for Sale: Calder Capital represents and confidentially markets a fine assortment of quality businesses for sale, with a focus on manufacturing/industrial, distribution, and service businesses for sale in Grand Rapids, West Michigan, SW Michigan, SE Michigan, Northern Indiana, and throughout the Midwest. Selectively, we will market distressed businesses for sale. Scroll or filter through our business-for-sale opportunities below for more information!

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Established Industrial Service & Fabrication Company

June 18, 2020
TTM Mar 2020 Revenue: $8,433,860
TTM Mar 2020 SDE: $602,828
This profitable Company is a long-standing contractor specializing in steel fabrication, steel erection and industrial plant maintenance, rigging and machinery moving, and storage solutions. The Company provides these services to many industries, including automotive, schools and universities, military, commercial, manufacturing, power and energy, food and beverage, utilities, and industrial.  Many of its customers are considered… Read More

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Production Cabinetry & Woodworking Manufacturer

June 09, 2020
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $2,919,976
Year End Dec 2019 SDE: $670,323
This profitable and growing Company is a production and custom cabinet manufacturer serving the Midwest and expanding across the country. The Company builds cabinetry to the project or owner’s specification with a significant focus on multi-family projects. Founded eight years ago, the Company manufactures under three brands. The Company obtains work and projects through general… Read More

For Sale

Well-Established Mold Manufacturing Business!

June 04, 2020
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $2,782,166
Year End Dec 2019 SDE: $1,005,984
If you are seeking a time-tested and strongly profitable manufacturing company in Michigan, do not miss this opportunity. We do not see companies this nice very often! From its 18,000 sq. ft. facility in Southwest Michigan, this Company designs, builds, and repairs molds for the diecast industry. The manufacturing precision, long-standing customer relationships, and industry-specific… Read More

For Sale

Award-Winning Residential / Commercial Fencing Business For Sale

May 13, 2020
TTM Mar 2020 Revenue: $2,288,279
TTM Mar 2020 SDE: $189,513
fencing company for sale in michigan
***COVID-19 Impact Statement: Operating presently at 100% capacity and with five installation crews in the field, this profitable and award-winning fencing Business is a sales, marketing, and project management powerhouse. The Company performs quoting and estimation, installation, and repair services of durable, cost-effective, and premium quality fencing, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, chain link, and SimTek.… Read More

For Sale

Profitable Commercial Flooring Dealer with Booming Retail Locations!

February 10, 2020
Year End Sep 2019 Revenue: $6,951,420
Year End Sep 2019 SDE: $829,797
flooring distribution business for sale
***COVID-19 Impact Statement: Despite the pandemic, at the end of March 2020, year-over-year sales for Q1 were higher than in 2019. Because of the Executive Order, the retail locations had to close, however, no staff was laid off and the business quickly obtained a PPP Loan. The retail stores are now open, and business is… Read More

For Sale

“Essential Services” Communications Equipment Sales & Service Business

December 11, 2019
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $477,255
Year End Dec 2019 SDE: $156,325
This profitable Company specializes in the two-way radio and communication equipment sales, installation, and service business. The Company engineers, builds, operates and maintains two-way radio systems, including public safety, private, commercial, and public access networks. In addition to its full-service offering, the Company provides training and software/firmware updates to its customers. To differentiate from competitors,… Read More

For Sale

Established Commercial Glazier & Glass Distributor

October 10, 2019
Year End Mar 2019 Revenue: $1,588,604
Year End Mar 2019 SDE: $392,136
glass contractor and distribution business for sale
***COVID-19 Impact Statement: The business has remained operational. No staff has been laid off. The Company applied for and received PPP funds. While initially the company temporarily discontinued all retail, residential and counter glass sales, now all services are back up and running, and contract glazing projects continue at a good pace. Bidding has picked… Read More

For Sale

Profitable 100+ Year Old Distribution Company

July 26, 2019
Year End Apr 2019 Revenue: $17,800,000
Year End Apr 2019 SDE: $887,080
distribution business for sale in michigan
***COVID Impact Statement recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown, ownership expects construction to return to previous levels over the next three to six months. As a result, sales are anticipated to return to at least pre-COVID levels. The shelter-in-place period was used for cleaning and improving facilities, training to increase the skills of sales associates, and… Read More

For Sale

Profitable Proprietary Product Machine Shop

May 04, 2020
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $1,261,119
Year End Dec 2019 SDE: $248,021
***COVID-19 Impact Statement: In business for nearly 70 years, the Company has weathered numerous regional economic downturns, the transformation of entire manufacturing industries and processes, and is clearly here to stay. The Company’s longevity has been achieved by focusing intensely on the needs of the customer and maintaining a high level of professionalism. While it… Read More

For Sale

Profitable Manufacturer with Recurring Revenue!

May 07, 2020
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $1,175,955
Year End Dec 2019 SDE: $374,500
This profitable business specializes in complete product manufacturing for a variety of industries. Full-service manufacturing capabilities include components, sub-assemblies, complete products, prototypes, reverse engineering, and tooling. The company has benefitted from a multi-decade relationship with a multinational engineering and technology company that consistently generates $400-500K in repair and new gauge product sales annually. Specific capabilities… Read More

For Sale

Niche Spray Foam & Cellulose Insulation Company

May 07, 2020
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $713,354
Year End Dec 2019 SDE: $255,696
The Company is a fully licensed and insured provider of spray foam and cellulose insulation. With the purchase of a new spray foam rig in 2018, the Company now utilizes up to three rigs full-time year-round. The Business and its customers eagerly await the day when COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted, and they will be… Read More

For Sale

Well-Established Fireplace Sales, Installation & Service Company

May 07, 2020
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $1,028,460
Year End Dec 2019 SDE: $295,891
Founded in 1976, this highly profitable service and retail business specializes in custom fireplace installations. Located in North-Central Michigan, the Company serves an area where seasonal homes, cottages, and Airbnb rentals are flourishing, setting up a future where its products and services are in high and constant demand. In addition to the Company being a… Read More

For Sale

Profitable SE Michigan Construction Services Business

April 07, 2020
Forecast Dec 2020 Revenue: $7,100,000
Forecast Dec 2020 SDE: $836,693
***COVID-19 Impact Statement: The Company is/was minimally operational due to the shelter-in-place order. As soon as the order is lifted for construction, the Company will be out getting the job done. Ownership projects a 10% decline in revenue; however, no jobs have been canceled, and ownership is optimistic for a V-shaped recovery!*** This profitable and… Read More

For Sale

Profitable Manufacturer of Custom-Made Architectural Millwork

March 23, 2020
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $3,213,762
Year End Dec 2019 SDE: $922,998
***COVID-19 Impact Statement: The Company is presently operational and has NOT experienced a volume decrease. Ownership has laid off one employee and has applied for and been approved for the PPP Loan/Grant. Some university projects are being delayed until they see how the current environmental conditions will affect enrollment for the upcoming school year. Ownership… Read More

For Sale

Proprietary Magnetic Clamping and Lifting Solutions Manufacturer

March 03, 2020
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $1,871,381
Year End Dec 2019 SDE: $279,922
As a leader in its industry, this Company offers a comprehensive package of magnetic solutions for work holding, mold & die clamping, and material handling. The Company owns product design, technology, patents, know-how, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. By installing one of the largest finished product inventories and training highly skilled service and sales… Read More

For Sale

Profitable Motor Coach and Bus Components Manufacturer

December 04, 2019
Year End Dec 2018 Revenue: $5,188,997
Year End Dec 2018 Adjusted EBITDA: $1,184,770
Established in 2007, this Company is a manufacturer and supplier of plastic, fiberglass, assembly components, and OEM parts to motor coach manufacturers, bus line operators, and transit systems throughout the United States and Canada. The Company offers a wide variety of services and products to its customers including over 750+ parts that are designed or… Read More

For Sale

Well-Established Manufacturing & Engineering Company

October 21, 2019
TTM Sep 2019 Revenue: $2,800,683
TTM Sep 2019 SDE: $83,723
This well-established Business offers a large variety of manufacturing services to its customers including CNC machining of castings, weldments, single-piece parts, prototype parts, gages, and fixtures. Due to its broad service offerings, the Company attracts customers from many different industries including aerospace, construction equipment, press and automation, pump manufacturing, automotive and others. The Company has… Read More

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Full-Service Commercial and Packaging Products Provider

November 13, 2019
Forecast Dec 2019 Revenue: $16,700,000
Forecast Dec 2019 Adjusted EBITDA: $940,000
Headquartered in the Midwest, the Company is a well-established and highly reputable full-service commercial and packaging products manufacturer for a wide range of end markets. In addition, the Company provides marketing, design, prototyping, and logistics services throughout its customer’s product or project lifecycles. The Company has a highly diverse customer base of over 350+ customer… Read More

Under LOI

Recurring Revenue Crane Sales & Service Business

October 30, 2019
Forecast Dec 2019 Revenue: $3,000,000
Forecast Dec 2019 SDE: $955,187
This high-margin Company offers a diverse range of products and services to its customers including cranes, hoists, festoon systems, and other material handling equipment services including repeat certification and annual inspection services. The Company attracts customers from primarily industrial markets. The Company has loyal customers and generates revenue almost equally between its product sales and… Read More

Under LOI

Leading Controls & Systems Integrator

October 09, 2019
Forecast Dec 2019 Revenue: $5,944,442
Forecast Dec 2019 Adjusted EBITDA: $924,767
Headquartered in the Midwest, the Company is a well-established leading process control systems integrator serving public and private infrastructure and manufacturing industry market segments. Differentiated from other system integrators, the Company has an established team, broad service offering, and process infrastructure that has resulted in significant long-term contracts in addition to its strong project pipeline.… Read More

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High-Margin Tube Manufacturing & Fabrication Company

August 28, 2019
TTM Jul 2019 Revenue: $781,991
TTM Jul 2019 SDE: $266,454
This high-margin Business has 16 years of experience providing tube fabrication and bending products and services to a diverse customer base. The Company has made a strong effort to incorporate efficient operations and controls that are required to ensure the lowest cost and highest quality products for their customers. This consistent and stable Company operates… Read More

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CNC Machining Company with Diverse Customer Base

August 12, 2019
Year End Dec 2018 Revenue: $1,078,376
Year End Dec 2018 SDE: $410,951
High-margin, sophisticated projects have enabled this CNC machining business to produce great profits. The Company has over 20 years of experience in providing specialized services to a diverse customer-base that includes the auto, aerospace, and medical device industries. These long-term relationships with highly reputable companies have given the Company steady project flow. The experienced and… Read More

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Niche Signage/Display Manufacturing Business

July 29, 2019
Forecast Dec 2019 Revenue: $5,500,000
Forecast Dec 2019 SDE: $1,169,400
Consistent cash flow, low competition, and strong customer relationships are just a few highlights of this very niche display manufacturer. Established over 85 years ago, the Company manufactures store décor, signage, and displays primarily for the retail sector. Any concept can be brought to life with the Company, as their wide range of services includes… Read More

Under LOI

Profitable IATF Metal Stamping Manufacturer

July 25, 2019
Year End Dec 2018 Revenue: $4,446,848
Year End Dec 2018 SDE: $279,407
The Company is an established manufacturer that puts quality first in its range of capabilities that include metal stamped parts, along with welding, fabrication, and mixed material assembly. In addition to the primary offering, the Company offers powder coating, packaging, kitting, and labeling. The metal stamped parts are produced from various types of steel on… Read More

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Midwest-based Leading Manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment and Furniture

September 25, 2019
Year End Dec 2019 Revenue: $9,900,000
Year End Dec 2019 Adjusted EBITDA: $1,900,000
Founded over 40 years ago and headquartered in the Midwest, the Company is a leading designer, engineer, and manufacturer of premium laboratory equipment. The Company has built a product mix of the highest quality manufacturing products. The lab furniture industry has grown steadily over the last five years at a 1.4% CAGR, but is also… Read More

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